10 Free Activities for Families in Northern Utah


It’s weird, I feel like I can’t say “Looking for something to fill the time in these dreary, snowy, dark winter months?” Because, it’s been unusually warm and ridiculously full of sunshine the last few weeks.  Nonetheless, you may find yourself wondering what to do this weekend, or any day really.  The Salt Project has compiled a list of 10 FREE places to take your family.  These places are totally worth going too, even without the kids.


Clark Planetarium, Salt Lake City

Clark Planetarium, Salt Lake City

Do you believe we landed on the moon?  Well, this baby here is proof that we really did.  🙂  Clark Planetarium is a free museum!  There kids can play with the hands on experiments, touch real meteor rocks, make tornadoes and learn about space!   The only things that aren’t free are the movies and food, but you can easily spend at least an hour or more here without the movies.


Casper’s Fat Boy Factory, Richmond

Ever had a fat boy ice cream sandwich?  No, well, you have been missing out.  While the food isn’t free, you can go and view the process through their windows at the workshop. Also, if you don’t mind “seconds” of ice cream sandwiches, this is the place for you.  You can get a box of Fat Boy ice cream “seconds” for super cheap. Plus just down the road is the Pepperidge Farm Thrift Store.  Let’s talk about FREE Samples!


Gilgal Sculpture Garden, Salt Lake City

The place is super weird.  Super weird friends.  Weird enough you kind of just stand there and stare at the sculptures and wonder why for hours.  Like a Sphinx with a Prophet’s face, and a man in weird brick pants.  We’re still wondering.  But the kids thought it was epic and a fun place to run around and pick up sticks!


Great Salt Lake Nature Center, Farmington

Prepare for awesomeness.  We had no idea this place existed.  It’s got THE coolest hands-on place ever.  You can touch animal pelts, skulls, play in sand, read books, research, cut out owl pellets…and that’s only in one building.  Plus, they have trails that you can walk around.  Dogs are even allowed (only during specific times of the year.)  We saw a bald eagle and a few different species of hawks, one was even carrying it’s prey.


Layton Duck Pond, Layton

This is one of my favorite places to take the kids. After taking the kids to the Library head over to feed the ducks!  While the duck pond has a kid playground, we mainly go to feed the ducks.  Make sure to take your crusty bread, because they love it!  Watch out for the geese though…they can get crazy.


High Adventure Park, Ogden

Hit up a park you’ve never been too.  This is a new goal of mine.  One truly does not understand the importance of a 15 minute stop to play on the slide until you have kids.  My two year old can spot them with hawk like precision. This park in Ogden has two park sections.  One is for the littler kids, while the other is for the older kids and then the ever older kids (like the parents.)  It’s a good one.


Cox Honeyland, Logan

If you’ve ever gone to Logan City, you’ve passed this little gem over and over and over again.  It’s an excellent place to stop and see how honey is made!  They have a live beehive (seasonal so check before you go.) and offer free short tours.  Plus, you can buy some super cheap honey sticks for the kids!


Salt Lake City Library, Salt Lake City

Do you know how many awards the Salt Lake City Library has one?  I don’t either, but I hear it’s quite a few.  Architecturally, it’s amazing.  This library is a sight to behold.  It’s built in a horseshoe kind of curve to help capture the most natural light all day long. The building is quite lovely, inside and out.  There is a rooftop garden, children’s library, coffee shops, book shops,  glass elevators, tons of green grass, water features and a large spiral staircase outside.  Take a picnic and go.


Bank Tour, Layton

Have you even heard of touring a bank before?  I hadn’t.  Some banks do, some banks don’t, but luckily, this one does!  The kids loved learning about the money, the fraud, the super old vault and the process of banking.  Best part of all?  The suckers.


Hill Aerospace Museum, Roy

It’s free and is run by volunteers.  You can set up school groups ahead of time or just show up.  We went on Veterans’ Day last year and there were even some Vets there.  They showed us which helicopters and airplanes they flew. This place will always be a favorite.  I remember taking a field trip with my dad there in like 5th grade?  It was super cool, because my dad was a Fighter Pilot at Hill, so my little 10 year old self thought it was extra special.

There ya go!  Now, you can be the coolest parent (or any person in general) when planning adventures.  Free is always a win-win for everyone.




Harmony Walker is a miniature Mama, Footzoner, Crocheter, Not-so-good-Gardener Adventurer.  Her family has lived in Ogden for over 70 years.  She’s constantly on the go with her kids and spends as much time outside as possible.  She also blogs about things to do in Utah with kids at www.saltproject.co

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