11 Creative Winter Dates for the Ogden Couple


I don’t know about you, but it’s abou this time of year the standard dinner-and-a-movie date starts to wear thin, even for the most ambitious of couples, and the dating scene seems as bleak as the sky.

But don’t dismay, you live in Ogden! Though some of the options might require a little forethought, there is a veritable smorgasbord of dating opportunity in O-town and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re trying to create a spark in a new relationship or keep the home fires burning with your long-time sweetheart, these creative and local-loving ideas are sure to keep your dating life warm all winter.

 11- Love on the ice


Photo credit: Cinemaromantico.blogspot.com

Spend an afternoon holding tight to your sweetie at the Ogden Ice Sheet. Sure you might slip and fall or look a little foolish, but this activity is sure to bring lots of laughter, hand holding and you just might end up in a warm embrace. Before you go, be sure to check the calendar for open skate times.

Afterwards warm up with a hot drink and nosh on some tasty treats at Café Ville Bella just North of the rink across Harrison. (Local tip-You can’t go wrong with the tomato shrimp bisque, a spiced hot chocolate and a red velvet cupcake.)

Bonus– You can secretly pretend you’re in the movie Serendipity


10 – Snog me I’m Irish

Go for a Guiness, some unique appetizers, and a spread of hearty Irish food that will warm you both to the soul at MacCools, an Irish pub style restaurant at the corner of 25th and Washington. The menu offers all the traditional favorites like Bangers and Mash, Guiness Stew and Shepherd’s pie as well as a few American entrees for the slightly less adventurous. The gratifying menu combined with the jovial atmosphere are sure to leave you both in a snogging kind of mood.

Afterwards hit the movie rental store or Netflix and top off your night with a sappy Irish romance. For all the McFeels, I recommend Leap Year, P.S. I Love You, or Circle of Friends.

Bonus: Have some fun with an Irish Slang Dictionary for a few extra laughs.


9- Sleigh ride for two

Photo Credit: www.standard.net

What better way to set a romantic mood than being pulled in a horse-drawn sleigh across a winter wonderland with the one you love?  For just $10 a couple, Hardware Ranch  east of Sardine Canyon offers scenic sleigh rides and a chance to get up close to the local elk population.  Also check out Bailey’s Sleigh Rides in Liberty, a bit shorter drive with the same romance factor, and you might even see some reindeer!


Bonus– You’ll need to stay warm, so cuddling is essential.



8- A token of my affection

Want to get to know that guy or girl you’ve been dating just a little better? Do some old fashioned walking and talking along Historic 25th street. (You want to know why film-makers keep choosing this spot to film RomComs? Magic I tell you!) After you stroll and chat for awhile, wander into some of Ogden’s antique shops. Peruse the old toys section and you’re guaranteed to summon some good childhood memories to share.  My favorite shops are Sock Monkey’n Around, The Crowley Gallery and for the guys- The Gift House.

For a fun twist, you each get to choose and purchase an item (under $5) for the other. Or- go with a theme, your purchase has to relate to food. Or music. Or trains. The possibilities are endless. Top your night off with a local brew and dinner at Roosters, or if you’re on a budget, squeeze into a corner booth at Lucky Slice Pizza, eat a gourmet slice of heaven and admire your new gifts.

Bonus– You get a token of your date’s affection to remember the night forever.


Photo by Cindy Jones

7- Late night laughs

Is there any better way to win someone’s heart than with laughter? Get your guy or gal giggling, support your local jokers and laugh your workweek away at a Sasquatch Cowboy, an improv comedy show at the Genesis Project on 12th street every Friday night at 10 pm. And hey, who doesn’t love a cheap date? This one will only cost you $5 a ticket!

 Bonus– Keep that breathless charm into the late night hours with an espresso from Salt Rock Coffee, the shop stays open late to accommodate guests at the show.


6- Two-Bit twosome

On a budget? Married with littles, don’t have a lot of time or money but want to try something new?  You’ll find an affordable, eclectic, revolving menu of mouth-watering entrees at Two Bit Street Café. After dinner stick around and browse the in-house antique shop. And enjoy some local talent with live performances every Friday night.

Bonus– Owner James Daley is a professional magician, he just may stop by your table and enchant you with a magic trick on the house.


5- The cultured couple

If you’re in a long-term relationship like me, and it gets tougher by the day to break out of those tried-and-true routines, you pretty much can’t go wrong with Ogden’s First Friday Art Stroll. The first Friday of every month from 6-9 pm, art galleries all over town collaborate to feature local talent. First Friday features all genres- including paintings, photography, sculpture, music, and more.  It’s the perfect date night because no matter how many times you go, you get a varied experience.

This date will yield lots of new ideas and expose you both to a little O-town culture. It’s a great grown-up nightlife option. Plus, you get to see a huge variety of art, meet all kinds of people and get a mini-field trip all over town.

Bonus– Many of the galleries offer complimentary snacks and beverages.  (Okay free wine people, need I say more?)

4- Movie moxie

It’s been a long week and you both just want to relax. You’re in the mood to take in a movie but you want to change things up a little. Get some new perspective by catching a unique, artsy film at Art House Cinema. This locally owned, cozy little theater features unique, largely unpublicized films and documentaries that you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, their concessions stand won’t break the bank.

Bonus- Seeing an artistic film is the perfect catalyst to spark a conversation that gets you out of that date night rut.

3- Still alive, baby?

laser tag live journal. com

Photo credit: livejournal.com

Relive your high-school years and blast your date with affection in a friendly game of laser tag at Toads Fun Zone. You might get beat by teenagers, but you can relish in the fact that you don’t have to make out in your car like they do. Top the night off with an arcade game challenge, whoever wins gets to choose the pizza toppings!

Bonus: Make out in front of those silly teenagers and show ‘em how it’s really done.



2 – Rosy cheeks and tangled limbs

Pull out the snow bibs, borrow your kids’ sled (or bum one off the neighbor kids) and hit the hills. Nothing better than being breathless with limbs tangled at the bottom of a snow covered hill in the moonlight!

Ogden has many great sledding hills to offer. Some of my favorites are 4th Street Park, Rohmer Park in the Terrace, and Barker Park in North Ogden. You can find a few more here.

Bonus– Think of all the ways you can get your limbs tangled getting warm afterwards.


And for the finale…

1-      Soaking up the love

Ever feel like your relationship is on the back burner? The two of you are working, taking care of the kiddos, hitting the books or simply on separate paths, and you’re both just hanging on until things slow down? This is the outing for you. It will take a bit more planning, but the end result will prove so very worthy!

Photo credit: www.standard.net

Crystal Hot Springs is a natural spring in Honeyville with several pools and hot tubs for soaking and swimming. The water bubbles up from 8000 feet below the earth’s surface and contains the highest mineral content found in any hot spring in the country, offering health benefits for all ages.

So dig out those swimming shorts, grab some towels and blankets and get ready to relax and revitalize. The springs are just over an hour drive from downtown Ogden, so in no time at all you can be melting away stress together in warm and lovely emerald waters.

After you’re all tender and relaxed and have brought each other back into focus, dry off and head to Maddox Ranch House in Perry for a decidedly indulgent dinner. Here you’ll find some of the best steaks in the state, (chicken, fish and vegan entrees are also available) and complimentary melt-in-your mouth homemade rolls and cornpones with raspberry butter that will leave you wondering if you even need an entrée.

Bonus: Really? You need more after all this? You’re all warmed up now, I’m going to leave the rest to imagination.


Happy Dating!

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Cindy is an Ogden native, aspiring author, freelance writer and at-home mom. Her idea of a good time is geeking out with her writers group or exploring a new trail with her quirky daughters. When she isn't writing, mommying or making eyes at her husband of seventeen years, you can find her capturing Ogden's unique architecture from behind a camera lens, or sipping a dirty Chai at one of O-towns unique coffee shops.


  1. I love this! I’m always thinking of things to do in Salt Lake, but ogden is so much closer! Thanks for the ideas!

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  2. Love these! We’re frequently lazy & just do the dinner & a movie thing, but these are so fun!

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  3. Two things you may not know about Maddox Ranch House. They are the only ones in the world to have a Shrimp Steak. Oh My Gosh it is to die for. Also they have a take out cabin. Call and order a Maddox dinner for two or four You get every thing. Soup or salad, rolls, baked potatoes with butter and sour cream plus your entree’ I like the chicken fried steak, the chicken is delicious also. Ask for plates and silverware and go have a picnic up the canyon.
    Very nice article. When you’ve been married for 35 years like us, it’s hard to think of things to do on dates.. . . . . that you both will enjoy.

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