21 Things To Do On A Sunday Around Ogden Utah

Let’s face it, Utah doesn’t do Sundays, and sometimes it can feel like there’s absolutely nothing to do. Utah is full of adventure and just because many businesses shut down for the day does not mean that there is absolutely nothing to do. Check out these 15 fun activities and get ready for great adventures!


Oh Sundays, how I love you for making it OK to drink cocktails at 10 AM. There are some fabulous local places that serve up some killer brunch specials and, of course, some fabulous bloody Marys and mimosas as well. Gather up your friends and head out to your favorite spot to laugh, drink and eat before slipping back into your pajamas to wait for the Walking Dead to come on. Check out my guide to brunch here: http://indieogdenutah.com/sunday-brunch-in-ogden/

2- Go Hiking Or on a Bike Ride

10374911_10204353293054429_2641097700423531353_nYou guys, have you seen those mountains? Why are you not on them? I am always surprised when I am hiking, and I don’t see anyone else, why are there not 70,000 people on the trails at all times? Ok, 70,000 people on the trails at once would be horrible, but I still think some of you aren’t taking full advantage of this wonderland of adventure we have going on here. So, next Sunday head on over to one of the trails either on foot or bike and see Ogden in all its glory. http://www.utah.com/ogden/hiking_trails.htm

3- Explore Historic Places

1466030_10203197118430786_1489056966_nIn most cities, every single shred of history has been paved over and strip malls put in its place, but here in Utah we have preserved so much of our history, and you can quickly hop in the car and visit some incredible places. Explore the small towns around Ogden, take the time to read the historical markers and take the dirt roads, you might just learn something amazing. Check out the Historic Resister HERE and be sure to tag your photos #ThisisOgden and #IndieOgden on Instagram!

4- Go Thrifting at Savers Thrift Store

Savers is the only thrift store open on Sunday, and many times it is also when they hold their 50% off sales. Check out all the great deals, try on ridiculous 80s prom dresses and be sure to snag a member card to get updates on their secret sales.  Check out my guide to thrifting here- http://bit.ly/1uWhWOH

5- Go to the Flea Market & Dive-In

Photo Credit: Cinematreasures.org

Photo Credit: Cinematreasures.org

When the weather warms up, and the kids start to go stir crazy on weekends the best place to go is the drive-in. Pack a dinner and snacks, pile up blankets and watch a double feature.  The Flea Market is held during the day and is actually year round (weather permitting)  and Sundays are the best day to go for deals. http://www.motorvu.com/ 

6- Explore your Neighborhood


My favorite thing to do when I need to get out of the house is to just walk around my hood. There is always something new to see or a neighbor to chat it up with. Too often we get caught up online or in our cars, and we forget to appreciate what is just outside our homes.  Take the kids or the dogs on a walk, dare to get lost, zigzag up streets you’ve never walked through before, just get out and explore! Check out my hood here-  http://bit.ly/1MKJ4mL

7- Visit Woodyatt Cherry Farm

Woodyatt Cherry Farm is known worldwide as THE BEST cherries for making pie and lucky for us it’s right around the corner. This cute little roadside stop is open year round all day long, and all you have to do is drive up, grab what you like and leave the money in a tin can.  Not sure what to get? They have free samples of everything, and if you are lucky, the farmers will come out to chat about their cherries. http://bit.ly/1HRJaqZ

8- Stock Up On Spring Water

springwaterspringkidsIn North Ogden, there is a teeny tiny park called Bicentennial Park where a tree stump spews out fresh spring water for anyone to fill up on.  The stump is actually a replica of the original fountain, and the pump is located behind it, on any given day there is a line of people waiting to fill up with this delicious fresh water and Sunday is no different. Nothing beats fresh and natural!

9- Feed The Ducks!

There are tons of duck ponds around Ogden (Davis County, Weber State, and Beus  Pond are some rad ones!) to visit and kiddos love to feed ducks.  Be sure to leave the bread at home, though, bread has been known to cause some serious health problems in ducks and can also harm other local wildlife. Substitute cheerios, grapes cut in half, a thawed bag of frozen peas or corn, or kale, romaine or other leafy greens (not iceberg lettuce)

10- Relax at Crystal Hot Springs


Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest and what better way to rest than in a hot mineral spring? People flock from all over the world ti visit these mineral springs because of their incredibly high content of minerals. Crystal Hot Springs has five pools, a heated water slide, and a campground if you want to stay awhile. http://www.crystalhotsprings.net/

11- Go Crazy at A Fun Center

rideThere are several great family fun centers nearby to let the kids go wild in. Toad’s Fun Zone has awesome golfing, Boondocks has water boats, and fast kart racing and Fat Cats has all the best arcade games. Keep an eye on Groupon and their Facebook pages for great deals!

12- Go to the Front Climbing Club


Photo Credit: Front Climbing Club

If the weather isn’t great for outdoor climbing, you can head over to the Front for world-class indoor climbing in one of most (f not THE most) beautiful rock climbing gyms in the country.  There’s also yoga and classes and some pretty adorable dogs too. http://frontogden.com/

13- Head to the Movies

Photo Credit http://midlifesimplicity.com/

Photo Credit http://midlifesimplicity.com/

There are quite a few theaters in town to watch a movie, and when the weather is crappy, or you aren’t up for an adventure, it’s the perfect remedy for a boring Sunday. Megaplex in The Junction shows all the newest movies and Cinepoint 6  is an awesome discount theater.  If you want to keep it local, then check out Arthouse Cinema, on of the smallest movie theater in the country!  Art house shows some great indie films and can even be booked for private events. http://www.ahc502.com/

14- Have a Picnic and Playtime at the Park


Ogden has some amazing parks; I even put together a guide HERE. One of my favorite things to do is grab some yummy sandwich fixings, and drinks are Rancho Market and head over to a new park for a picnic while the kids run around until they are too tired to stand. By the time we get home, the kids are fast asleep which means the parents can watch R rated movies all night long, oh ya!

15- Go on a Scenic Drive


1392018_10202594439604192_1583949897_nWe live in such a beautiful place, and yet sometimes we take it for granted, we see the mountain every day that sometimes we forget how incredible they are. There are not many towns where people live so close to the mountains and rivers, and there are some beautiful drives to remind you just how amazing it is. Check out some drives here: http://bit.ly/1CAvnoX

16- Play Disc Golf

Photo Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1s3jlNvMYk

Photo Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1s3jlNvMYk

Get outside and get some exercise on a beautiful disc golf course.   I admit, this is not my favorite thing to do, but my husband and his friends just can’t get enough. If you love casual sports and being outdoors, then this activity is definitely for you. My husband recommends Riverpark Disc Golf Course in Riverdale, and you can check out all the details HERE.

17- Go Shooting

314481_2472464052952_372450899_nUtah is home to an incredible amount of ranges both indoor and outdoor and many are open year round. For outdoor shooting, we also have use of BLM land for target practice in the wide open desert. Pack a BBQ lunch, plenty of ammo and some fun guns and head out on an adventure to sharpen your skills or the zombie apocalypse. Find shooting ranges HERE and BLM land to explore HERE and remember to pack it in, pack it out!

18- Go Geocaching!


Geocaching is a fun way to got outside and explore and use your handy navigational skills. There are hidden treasures all over Ogden just waiting for you to find them with difficulty levels from kiddo to Bear Grylls. Check out some hunts HERE, HERE and HERE.

19–Go to a Raptors game!


Baseball fields around the country seem to be lacking enthusiasm, but here in Ogden is an entirely different story! Raptors fans pack the stadium at every game, and the crowd participation is encouraged. Check out a game and see for yourself, and don’t forget to get hot dogs and ice cream! Season schedule HERE.

20-Check out Snowbasin’s Sunday Concerts



Every Sunday and new concert rock the stage in the mountains at Snowbasin during a FREE concert. While up there you can dig into their delicious BBQ, ride the gondola, mountain bike, play disc golf or go on a wildflower hike! Check out all their concerts and events HERE.

21-Tube Weber River


On a hot summer day being in the water just makes sense and lucky us, we have Weber river to float down! Check out Harmony’s post all about this family adventure HERE.

Mikaela is a transplant from Portland, fell in love with Ogden her first day in town and created Indie Ogden the next week. She enjoys outdoor adventures with her 2 kiddos and making a mess crafting. You can find her at a local cafe or cycling around town with her family.