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Here at Indie Ogden, Jenny has spent a lot of time exploring the hidden gems of Ogden, finding fun places to learn new things, eat new things or experience life in a new way. She recently sat down with an Ogden native, Michelle Savage, who owns & operates Bright Blessings, a brightly painted, happy spirited metaphysical shop filled to the brim with all of the rocks, herbs, candles, incense & more that you could ever need, to talk about her shop, her dreams, her goals & what makes her tick.


How long have you lived in Ogden?

I was born and raised in Ogden. I moved to SLC for a year but it didn’t have the same feel as Ogden, that home feeling, so I came back and here I am.

When did you know you wanted to own a shop?

I have wanted to open my own little shop for about 20 years. What kept me from doing it was fear. Fear of failure, fear of disappointing others, Fear of success believe it or not. When we decided to go for it everything we needed kind of fell into our laps. Even the 48 feet of 8′ tall mirrors that we paid less for than one new 4′ x8′ mirror would cost. My husband Dewey is the most amazing man and has been supportive even when I was a beast during construction. My kids Chris and Brandi helped all along the way. My friends, who are too many to name have promoted and built and painted and carried tirelessly to help make this happen. I owe them so much for their support. Especially Danielle and Brian who have listened to countless hours of venting and crying and both still remain by my side.

What services do you provide?

Bright Blessings is a shop for people of Earth based spirituality. Pagans, Wiccans, Witches, the health conscious and metaphysically minded people come here to purchase items for home and altars, herbs for spells and healing, stones for their healing properties, fun clothing items, incense, herbs and Essential Oils; things of that nature. If we don’t have it we can usually get it. Much of what we have in the shop is brought in by local artists and craftspeople. We also have Tarot readers and Oracle readers. We have classes on chakras, Yoga, Falun Dafa, belly dance, sacred dance, plants, herbs, clairvoyance, healthy living and eating, natural medicines and a variety of subjects. If you want to get some henna done, we have local artists available all throughout the week, with Mendhi Dancer Henna & Hints of Harmony! We also have Blessings Cafe inside our shop where you will get the best coffee and espresso drinks in Ogden, made by Richard, the coffee whisperer.

What do you love most about Ogden?

My favorite thing about Ogden is the mountains. They feel like home, they look like home. I also love that everyone knows everyone in some way so it is like seeing parts of your family everywhere you go.

What would you like to see in the future?

What I would like the most for the future is education and acceptance. Ignorance breeds fear and the only thing that prevents us from loving all people unconditionally is fear of what we do not understand. If someone wants to know what we believe, what we do all they need to do is stop in and ask. Come watch what we do, build something fun with us!


So there you have it, friends. Whether you’re searching yummy soaps, delicious coffee, rocks to give as gifts or to learn more about the ancient ways, Bright Blessings is a great option for you. And I know from experience that Michelle is a great person to talk to about anything you can think of. I’m a regular there, going for chakra meditation & coffee & essential oils & things, so swing by & visit!


Bright Blessings107 25th Street

Ogden UT

(801) 621-1116


<3 – Jenny

About Jenny

Jenny Shaw is a die-hard Ogdeneer; local community supporter, little bit of a hippy, lover of music, anything British and sparkles. She can be found regularly at the Grounds for Coffee on 30th and Harrison, doing homework and drinking coffee or at the Sandtrap on any given Wednesday, singing her heart out at karaoke.

When she isn’t helping with Indie Ogden, she is volunteering all over town, when she's not at work with the Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership (Head Start). Jenny also works with the Buy Local (Ogden) group and is passionate about promoting, connecting and uplifting local businesses to make a stronger, more unified community and economy.

If you ever want to catch Jenny, just track her down at MacCool’s for ½ priced appetizers, at any of the fabulous vintage stores scattered throughout Ogden playing dress-up with Mikaela, or with the rest of Indie Ogden wandering around our lovely town.


  1. Definitely on my “must see” list for next week!


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