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It’s our Nation’s Birthday this week! How cool is that? This means: Barbeques, watermelon, family picnics, fairs, parades & maybe if we’re lucky, FIREWORKS! (This year has been exceptionally dry, so make sure you use proper safety methods [like watering your lawn before lighting anything that goes **BOOM**] & check all the laws & regulations! Don’t want to start a fire or get in any trouble! As of right now, there’s no State-wide ban, but there have been restrictions, as follows: No fireworks east of Harrison Boulevard & no sparking fireworks. You can still purchase fireworks, but will only be permitted to use them before 11pm between July 1st-7th.) For the complete details on the ban, go to the Ogden City website.

Let’s follow the rules so nobody gets hurt. Make good memories, not sad ones. Watch this! Don’t do what they do!!

There is a ban in effect for Riverdale & Washington Terrace, here’s the info from the Weber County Sherriff’s Dept.:

“Fireworks Restrictions in Washington Terrace City 

With the increasing number of human caused fires, the buildup of combustible grasses, and the excessively dry conditions, Washington Terrace City has executed a fireworks restriction declaration starting immediately through November 2012. The restriction zone will include any area…s south of Ridgeline Drive (5500 South) and West of 500 West including any areas that are in Riverdale City. Fireworks are strictly prohibited in this area to include citations for offenders. Washington Terrace City and Riverdale City officials have worked together to cooperatively define this entire area as a restricted zone in order to protect life and property from the very real potential of a grassland fire. 

Washington Terrace City and Riverdale City agree that the grass and trees that grow on the slope between our two cities may cause a significant hazard and are particularly vulnerable to fire. In fact, almost every year there are fireworks related fires that start in this grassland area and hope that our cooperative efforts will help to prevent any fires from starting. 

This year we would ask that anyone lighting fireworks in the non-restricted areas use extra precaution in order to prevent accidental fires. If you choose to light fireworks please make sure to have a water hose at the ready so that you can quickly extinguish any fires that may occur, avoid lighting fireworks near combustible materials and soak used fireworks in a bucket of water so there is no chance of delayed ignition.

Please remember that the use of fireworks in the non-restricted area are only legal from July 1-7 and July 21-27 between the hours of 11:00 am and 11:00 pm except on the 4th and the 24th when the time frame is extended to midnight. Be polite and responsive to your neighbors and never close a public road for a private fireworks display. 

Washington Terrace City”

There are other bans possible throughout Weber County, so be sure to check back regularly.

[Here’s a website with great tips for wildfire prevention. Yes it’s from Texas, but the common sense still applies! http://www.austinhsem.com/go/doc/3603/983415]

Now onto the fun stuff!

The day starts with a charity run to raise awareness of domestic violence & help fund efforts to educate the community of Weber & Davis counties about the seriousness of it. Support the Breaking Free 5k by going to this website for more information. Whether you run, or just go cheer on the participants, it’s a good way to honor our great country!

There are 4th of July Breakfasts all over Ogden, so keep an eye out for the signs that say “Pancake Breakfast” all over the place. Or just drive around to some parks in Ogden til you find one! Haha, they usually go from about 7am until Noon, they typically have carnival games & activities for the li’l kids, with auctions & raffles for the adults.

The 12th Annual Hot Rock’n Fourth festivities kick off at 1pm, after the 5k is over. There’s a car show, free rides for the kids, carnival games, a dunk tank, a rock wall, live entertainment like magic shows & face painting. This is always one of the most fun events in Northern Utah on the 4th of July. Check out their website for all the details.

Here’s a list of places you can go for tickets ($13 for adults in advance, $16 day of. Kids are $7/10)

* ROY BURGER KING – 3490 W. 4800 S.
* RIVERDALE BURGER KING – 4027 Riverdale Road
* 21st & Wall in Ogden BURGER KING
* 2nd Street in Ogden BURGER KING
* Daily Rise – 2865 Washington Blvd.,
*Daily Rise – 1985 Antelope Drive in Layton

And I hear they’re expecting to sell out again this year, so make sure you get your tickets in advance!

Starting at 6:00pm, the Demolition Derby begins! Brought to us by Stirrin’ Dirt Racing, its sure to be one heck of a good time. The derby has always been my favorite part of the 4th of July. The roar or the engines…the sound of metal crashing against metal…the smell of exhaust in the hot summer sun. It’s the best! With live entertainment between heats, you won’t have time to be bored!

Fireworks start at 10pm, so stick around (or do like me & find a friends’ house near enough to the park & sit on the roof!)

North Ogden cherry days  will have  a parade and fireworks as well!

There’s also a really rad celebration up in Park City, for Uncle Uncanny’s Music Festival, which is put on by some really rad local O-Town folks. Check out the Uncle Uncanny’s Independence Day Celebration & maybe go to the festival in about a month!

3 things you can do on the  4th of July that DO NOT involve fireworks:

1-Host a block party! Make lemonade, help the neighborhood kids make easy noise makers ,  fire up the BBQ,  have a potluck,  let kids use side walk chalk and bubbles, play some music (credence anyone?) and get to know your neighbors.

2- Go on a family adventure- Dust off the old bike (heck even decorate them and have your own bike parade!) , have a picnic by the river, soak in the hot pots, eat dinner locally and then come home and let your kids run loose with glow sticks and noise makers!

3-Get crafty- make a volcano, balloon fireworks  or a pinata becasue really what you love about 4th of July  (besides commemorating the declaration of Independence) is seeing something explode.

Now for some words of advice for you while you’re out celebrating the day:

  • Drink plenty of fluids; avoid caffeinated and alcohol beverages
  • Wear light-colored, loose fitting clothing made of breathable fabric.
  • Wear sunscreen, sunburn decreases your body’s ability to cool itself.

Make sure to stay aware of the people around you as well:

 Signs and symptoms of heat related illness:

  • Heat Cramps are painful muscle spasms that can occur when sweating depletes your body of sodium and water. The muscles of the arms, legs and abdomen are most commonly affected.
  • Heat Exhaustion can present with any combination of the following signs and symptoms. Cool, clammy and pale skin, heat cramps, weak pulse, nausea, chills and dizziness, and weakness.
  • Heat Stroke can be life threatening. Your skin becomes hot, flushed and dry. You stop perspiring and your body temperature may rise above 106 F. you may feel faint and confused.

At the first onset of any of the above signs and symptoms get out of the heat, drink cool fluids, run cool water over your head and body, rest and do not resume exercising, seek medical attention if no improvement in your condition occurs.

And don’t forget your four legged friends. We know it’s fun to bring them along to spend time outside with us on a hot day, but remember, they can get overheated too! Here’s a list of great tips for pet owners!

And that concludes our Fourth of July Guide! Have fun, enjoy each other & celebrate this great county we live in!

Happy Independence Day & Happy Birthday America!

<3 – The Indie Ogden Staff

About Jenny

Jenny Shaw is a die-hard Ogdeneer; local community supporter, little bit of a hippy, lover of music, anything British and sparkles. She can be found regularly at the Grounds for Coffee on 30th and Harrison, doing homework and drinking coffee or at the Sandtrap on any given Wednesday, singing her heart out at karaoke.

When she isn’t helping with Indie Ogden, she is volunteering all over town, when she's not at work with the Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership (Head Start). Jenny also works with the Buy Local (Ogden) group and is passionate about promoting, connecting and uplifting local businesses to make a stronger, more unified community and economy.

If you ever want to catch Jenny, just track her down at MacCool’s for ½ priced appetizers, at any of the fabulous vintage stores scattered throughout Ogden playing dress-up with Mikaela, or with the rest of Indie Ogden wandering around our lovely town.


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