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November 6 is fast approaching, and Indie Ogden is here to help you exercise our most basic democratic right of electing our government. Regardless of your political leanings, it’s important that everyone takes an interest and makes it to a voting booth because these decisions make a difference.

Rather than write up our own guide, we’re going to update this list with places to look for more information of what’s on the ballot this year. Oh, and if you haven’t registered to vote yet, do it now! Why? Check out our Rock the Vote article. You have until October 9th to mail your registration in or October 22nd if you do it in-person or online. Here’s the link:

Voter Resources:

Vote.Utah.Gov – The first and arguably most important place to go. You can register to vote here, find your local polling location, view the dates and times, sign up for early voting, and more. Of particular note for those looking for more information on candidates and issues is the “On My Ballot” feature. You put in your address, and it will show you a sample ballot like the one you’ll be seeing on Election Day. It also includes links for official information on each candidate and issue. While you probably don’t need this information for the Presidential race, it’s incredibly helpful for some of the local offices and especially for the two Utah Constitutional amendments on the ballot this year.

Utah Elections – The state also offers this elections site, which most critically has a .pdf of the official 2012 Voter Information Pamphlet. This pamphlet serves as the official guide, with candidate bios, arguments for and against particular issues, and more. Get ‘em while they’re hot.

League of Women Voters – The Utah League of Women Voters Guide is a great supplemental and a must read. They asked set questions to each category of nominees (for example, they asked the same questions to all US Congress candidates, but a different set to Governor candidates). While not every candidate provided a response, the ones that are provided are enlightening and help to provide more background on the candidate’s positions. – VoteUtah is an association provided by Utah’s public broadcasters to help educate and inform voters. It contains official information and candidate bios, as well as some voter information videos which are thoroughly helpful.

Weber County Elections – Weber County’s site also offers information on the candidates and issues, but not much more than what’s provided at

Party Pages:

American Party

American Reform Party of Utah

Constitution Party of Utah

Green Party of Utah

Libertarian Party of Utah

Neo Whig Party

Reform Party of Utah

Socialist Party of Utah

Utah Democratic Party

Utah Independent American Party

Utah Labor Party

Utah Patriot Party

Utah Republican Party

Veterans Party of Utah


If you think we’re missing something, let us know us at

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