Indie Ogden spotlight: Sid’s speed shop

**Update: Sadly Deyne Sid Stocker passed away. He will be greatly missed in the Ogden community. Our condolences go out to his friends and family. 

I grew up around motorcycles and the sound of a rumbling bike coming down the road always brings back memories of home. My dad is a biker, tattoos from the neck down and a retired member of the American steel motorcycle club. The smell of grease and metal is a smell that brings back memories of holding onto my dads waist as we drove down the street on Charlene, his prized bike.

When Sid’s shop contacted me to say hello I was shocked to find out that they are the ONLY independent motorcycle shop in town. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to have a little chat with Sid to see just how he came to be Ogden’s one and only.

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When did Sids speed shop open?

Officially fall of 2010.

And why did you start the shop, how long was it in the works before opening?

I am a certified Harley Davidson mechanic I worked for the local Harley shop and was laid off and decided to make money on my own.

Awesome! When did you start working on motorcycles? Was it something you were always in to?

Well my dad has had bikes most his life and my grandpa was a mechanic so they were always around. I got my first bike when I was 4 and never have had a lapse in owning one since. The way my dad raised me was if it was broke you fixed it.  Who had to do chores, so the lawn mower better run or you can’t mow, you just  fixed the mower.

And that worked out for you, now you own your own shop!

Do you remember the first bike you built yourself?

Yes I do I built-in my apartment while I attended the Harley school. I still own the old girl, her name is Rita and my wife will tell ya how sick my love is for that rusty old heap.

Haha my dads first is Charlene and when he names off his kids he includes her. 

So what services do you offer in shop?

Full service shop for american v-twins , parts, custom fabrication, repair…if it involves an american vtwin I will do it.

What makes you different from other shops?

My age, dedication, and passion. I work 10hrs a day min. 6 days a week and most weeks 7 days. and when I am not in my shop I am with my family/friends on motorcycles or some sort of 2 wheels. Most people who work in a 4000sq foot shop have 5-7 people, I have my self . I know every customer on first name basis. I know who cleaned the toilet and who paid the power bill. It’s just how Ogden became such a legendary town, on mom and pop style operations, and that’s what I am about.

That’s one of the things I love most about Ogden, the mom & pop shops. I don’t even know where a Starbucks is.
That’s the part I hated about corporate Harley shop. Even though he was laying employees off he still had money for brand new trucks and kitchen remodel and money to pay his tithing. Where as if I have a slow month my family struggles.

I notice here locally when one business struggles everyone pitches in to help promote and fundraiser, it’s pretty awesome.

Are you in any local motorcycle clubs?

Yes I am. I am part of the latter-day misfits, a bunch of Ogden kids riding around on chopped up ugly-looking motorcycles. We are not necessarily a motorcycle club more of a drinking club with a motorcycle problem

That sounds fun haha, I saw you were part of a benefit recently, do you hot events often?

Depending on the situation. If person like Jim Wilcox , Ogden business owner for 20 plus years, gets cancer and can’t work hell ya I throw a benefit, get him some coin. Other wise I am pretty well focused on the Sid’s annual party/bike show every year

What is the annual bike show?

Sid’s anniversary this year  will be held at Mt Ogden archery range in Mt. Green on sept. 21st 4pm . 10 bucks gets you in with camping 3-4 bands. byob or $1 dollar donation per beer. Also, I have a BBQ trailer cooking up all sorts of goods. (event page-

Rad! What bands are playing? And also archery range? I didn’t even know we had one.

Ya, Here is  their facebook PAGE

Slick shifters are in for sure not sure on exact details for the rest of the bands

Will there be archery?

No archery just motorcycles and camping drunk bikers and arrows don’t mix

Ahh you might be right…

No question about it you put a bow in one hand and beer in the other I am sticking one of my friends for sure

If you even get it off the bow ! 

SO you have a ton of great photos on the site, are those bike you built?

Yes I only post bikes that I built or worked on and a lot of the photos are taking by that Ogden hooligan Dallas Casey

Do you have any favorites that you’ve built?

The ones I like are all equal they have their own personality depending on the person they were built for then there are ones I hate.

Do you do the paint jobs too?

Nope a good friend of ours, Adam Paul at time warp custom paint, does them.

Do you have a link to him?

Time warp custom paint–

On average how many bikes do you work on a year or month ?

45-60 bikes a month. and custom builds about 11-15 a year

Any thing our readers should know about you or your shop?

If you don’t like honesty go some were else .I say it how it is. If I think you’re wasting your money I will tell you. I have no filter and I like the same, if you’re not happy tell me and I will make it right.

Any closing words?


Author: Mikaela

Mikaela is a transplant from Portland, fell in love with Ogden her first day in town and created Indie Ogden the next week. She enjoys outdoor adventures with her husband, 2 kiddos and fur baby and making a mess crafting. You can find her at a local cafe or cycling around town with her family.

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  1. So sad, such a loss, I feel so disheartned. My condolences to his wife and family……..Irish.

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  2. Gone way to early. Will sure miss that crazy sense of humor and shootin the shit with ya. What a talent!! Love and hugs to his wife and kids……. Bob Nash

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