Indie Ogden Review: Brett Donnelly Gallery and White Space



If there wasn’t enough evidence that Ogdenites love their art, these two galleries seal the deal. Both are located in developing 24-2500 block of Wall avenue.


Brett Donnelly is a fine art photographer who travels the world in search of just the right shot. Using long-exposures and natural light, Brett’s photographs have a ‘glow’ that gives them an almost 3D quality. They are absolutely fabulous! Brett has a gallery in Florida, is shown in many other galleries, and is regarded as an authority on lighting. His Ogden gallery is clean and modern, with plenty of space between his gorgeous photographs and good lighting that allows you to savor the images without distraction. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful, but not pushy. They are open from Thursday through Saturday, 9am-5pm and by appointment, and are located at 2242 Wall.


White Space is a contemporary art gallery, located right next door at 2420 Wall. Where Brett Donnelly Gallery specializes in the works of its namesake, White Space showcases a variety of fine arts. When I went by, they were showing a collection called “Corpo/Ethereal”, composed of sculptures and mixed media images from Jordan Eagles, Jeff Wallin, and Emil Alzamora (curated by Patrajdas Contemporaries). These works were incredible–I can’t wait to see what January holds in store! The gallery is open Wed-Sat, 12pm-5pm (open late for First Friday Art Stroll).

The best part of both galleries, from my perspective, is that they are set up very professionally: all of the pieces are given adequate space and great lighting, making appreciation a joy. Though there are quite a few galleries in Ogden, these two are a fresh and lovely alternative to ‘busy’ walls and spaces!

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