5 More Ogden Instagrammers to Follow by @ThisIsOgden

Last year we wrote a list of 5 Ogden Instagrammers to Follow. Time has passed and more great talent has emerged, so we decided to add to the list.

There are a ton of great, local Instagrammers here in Ogden. Some are photographers by profession, others dabble in photography as a hobby. We spend a lot of time browsing the hashtag, #thisisogden, looking for a photographer to feature each day on Instagram. After doing this for over 4 years, there are several Instagrammers that stand out. Below is an updated list of those we recommend to follow.


Head to the hills with @thelankybackpacker. Following his feed will inspire you to set out on all the wonderful, local trails we have around our city. His unique style includes vivid colors and perfect contrast.


We can’t get away from the Instagrammers who take us on their mountain adventures. @byronoutside_ut not only showcases Ogden, but captures the wonderful things about outdoor Utah.


@caseygrimley is a master of the long exposure. He first caught our eye with his shots from Ben Lomond, overlooking the city and capturing the Milky Way at the same time. If you like Ogden’s night sky as much as we do, he’s a good follow!

Did anyone esle catch that incredible meteor shower last night???? . And by last night I mean the Perseids two months ago. 😀 I finally found some time to overlay the 100+ meteors that I was able to capture over a 6 hour period into one photo. And this was just on one camera! I still have photos from another camera where I captured at least 60 meteors. STORYTIME Once I set up my cameras I laid down in my sleeping bag and watched for stars until my eyes got heavy and I fell to sleep. I woke sometime in the middle of the night and smelled a skunk so strong I thought for sure I’d been sprayed. My eyes were watering and my throat was burning. I didn’t dare poke my head out of my sleeping bag so I lay there motionless for a while until the smell subsided and I dared to look around and was pleased to find out I hadn’t been sprayed. #nightshooters #nightscaper #milkywaychasers #shootingstar #perseids #nightphoto #longexpoelite #ogdenutah #ogden #wowutah #utahgram #beutahful #sonyalpha #sonyimages #Rokinon #dolica #sonya7 #visitogden #natgeo #universetoday #801 #utahisrad #resourcemag #ogdenvalley #northforkdarkskypark

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Get inspired to get fit with @runwithtara. She seems to find the gnarliest routes to run. We’re just glad she packs her camera and delivers amazing shots along the way.


If the colors in a photo can define a mood perfectly, @bigcahoona has figured out how to invoke them with his edits. Whether he’s capturing moments with his family, or snapping shots of Ogden’s neon signs, you’ll know exactly how to feel when viewing his work.

Even if you’re not on this list (yet), we see you. We just want to take a moment to thank you for sharing all your wonderful photos via the hashtag #ThisIsOgden. If this is your first time hearing about our hashtag project, go dig up some old photos or snap some new ones and tag them so we can feature them.

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