5 Ogden Instagrammers to Follow by @ThisIsOgden

I’ve been scouring Ogden hashtags on Instagram for nearly three years now in search of photos to feature on my account, @ThisIsOgden (formerly @OgdenOnly). As I have encouraged people to use certain hashtags that highlight Ogden, there have been 5 outstanding Ogden Instagrammers I’ve noticed that are definitely worth following if you love Ogden, or if you just love great photography. These accounts are listed in no specific order.

@atomritchey – His pictures of Ogden and its surrounding areas make you really appreciate our little slice of Northern Utah.

@guyinutah – He’s known on Instagram for his love of Ogden and his awesome photos to match, but what’s cool about guyinutah is that he documents everyday life here too.

@pursueyourpeak – Follow him and his beautiful dog, Kemba, to every peak in Weber County.

@utahroot – If it’s nature you like, then utahroot you’ll love. From backcountry to architecture, he’s captured it all around Ogden.

@amberleesunshine – If there’s anyone who loves Ogden more than amberleesunshine, we have yet to find them. Follow her to see what life is all about in Ogden.

If you want a showcase of all of Ogden’s great Instagrammers, be sure to check out @ThisIsOgden, or post to the hashtag #ThisIsOgden for a chance to be featured. I love Ogden and I love seeing why you love Ogden too.

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