5 Rad Things to Check Out at the April Art Stroll

Has a whole month gone by already? There’s a bunch of really cool things to check out this month at the First Friday Art Stroll. Here are just a few I’m most excited about:

1. Art First – work not on skin by local tattooers at Infinite Tattoo & Art Gallery

Ogden has some amazing tattoo artists! Check some out, along with other local artists, at the stroll.

2. The Art as Matter Project: Jamie Harper at Lavender Vinyl

Jamie Harper creates still images, soft sculptures, performances, and piles of unusable garbage. Her works inspiration comes from her background of craft and treasure collecting.
Curious whether grief resides in the person experiencing it or in the objects left for the dead Jamie gathers floral artifacts from burn piles and dumpsters just outside cemetery boundaries.
The flowers that she displays are a softened representation of decay, keeping what happens below the ground a continuing mystery. She uses a new aesthetic born out of another’s grief to create images of faded beauty that somehow reanimate the grief that was once had.

3. First Friday Psychic Fling at Planet Rainbow

4pm to 8pm $20 for 20 minute sessions

Appointments are on a first come first serve basis.

They are hosting:
Intuitive Consultants—Reiki and Pranic Healing
Tarot and Oracle Cards—Palm Readings
Past Lives—Spirit Guides
Aura Photography—Energy Readings

4. Liesl Cannon at The Parlour

Showcasing her watercolor series, “Travel Posters,” prints will be available for purchase. Don’t forget to grab a beverage from the coffee bar and check out all the fun stuff available from AndShe’sDopeToo!

5. Ryan Moyer at Wasatch Roasting Company

Check out ryanmoyer.com and @photomoyer on IG to get a feel for what to expect from this amazing artist! Grab another beverage before heading on your way to the next stop!

You can find tons more stuff to see and do before, during, and after the stroll on our calendar http://indieogdenutah.com/calendar/facebook-events/.

I’m an Ogden native and I think this town is pretty rad. When I’m not adventuring with my offspring I can be found watching old VHS movies, hitting up the thrift store, or reading a book.