50+ Family Friendly Things To Do In Ogden This Summer & BEYOND!


WILD (1)

Get outside, get fresh air, explore, get dirty, play, be adventurous, be wild, take risks, conquer fears, try new things, be daring, test your limits, be young! Summer is all about wild adventures, don’t let this one go to waste! Try out these 50+ fun things you can do as a family (or by yourself) and check back again as we add more!

  1.  Take a class or a stroll at  The Ogden Nature Center
  2. Go On a scavenger hunt at The Eccles Dinosaur Park
  3. See the stars at OTT Planetarium
  4. Go on a treasure hunt by Geocaching
  5. Learn about some amazing stones at The Rock Shop
  6. Learn to make Japanese food at Hanamaru’s Cooking Class
  7. Learn to cook at Kitchen Kneads
  8. Take a class or a stroll at The Botanical Gardens 
  9. Take a class or check out Summer Nights At Oasis Garden
  10. Check out music, movies and more at Ogden Amphitheater
  11. Take a walking tour of Historic Ogden 
  12. Learn some cool things at Arts In The Park & Science In The Park
  13. Take a dip at a local pool
  14. Go crazy at a Fun Center- Fat Cats, Toads, Boondocks and Lagoon
  15. Go on a bike ride on the Ogden River Parkway
  16. Go hiking on one of the many local trails
  17. Find all the painted horses in downtown Ogden
  18. Visit a new local park
  19. Go on a scavenger hunt
  20. Go climbing or take a youth class at The Front Climbing Club
  21. Take a class with Nurture The Creative Mind
  22. Visit the Farmers Market
  23. Visit the Union Station Museums
  24. Visit Carvers Cove and see the baby animals
  25. Visit The Woodyatt Cherry Farm and bake a  cherry pie
  26. Go to the drive-In
  27. Visit the flea market
  28. Go  thrift storesShopping (Bonus:Try on crazy 80’s outfits)
  29. Explore Historic 25th Street
  30. Check out an old fashioned diner 
  31. Explore your neighborhood
  32. Go to a First Friday Art Stroll
  33. Volunteer and give back (Easy Opportunity: Pick up trash in the park!)
  34. Go see a cheap (but awesome) movie at Art House Cinema or Cinepoint 6
  35. Visit local farm stands and make a locally sourced meal
  36. Plant a garden at Oasis, Sunflower or another Northern Utah Garden
  37. Get some fresh spring water at The Stump
  38. Visit the Crystal Hot springs
  39. Cool off at The Ice Sheet
  40. Go camping (Or glamping)
  41. Go adventuring with  Weber Outdoors Rentals
  42. Go fishing at Cold Springs Trout Farm
  43. Feed the ducks at Weber State (Grapes, peas & seeds NOT bread!)
  44. Get a cold treat At Farr’s Fresh Ice-cream, Jake’s Over The Top or Darin’s Shave Ice
  45. Visit your local library for fun events and books
  46. Visit the Treehouse Museum
  47. Visit Hill Aerospace Museum
  48. Cool off at a local splashpad
  49. Spend all your change at Fatcats or Nickelcade
  50. Go bowling for cheap at Wildcat Lanes or Ben Lomond Lanes
  51. Take a yoga class
  52. Build a weatherproof box fort to last all summer!
  53. Check out snowbasin’s summer concert series
  54. See an improv show with the Comedy Loft
  55. Go to a Raptors Game



Mikaela is a transplant from Portland, fell in love with Ogden her first day in town and created Indie Ogden the next week. She enjoys outdoor adventures with her 2 kiddos and making a mess crafting. You can find her at a local cafe or cycling around town with her family.