Mikaela Shafer



Founder-Editor-Marketing manager-Writer

Creator, writer and promoter of Indie Ogden, mama, crafter, lover of shiny things and mint ice cream. Mikaela can be spotted chasing a toddler (and having fun in the moms group she founded- Ogden rad mamas!) , biking around town and dancing wildly for no apparent reason. This lady  has a serious addiction to the internet  and has no qualms about it, harnessing the vortex of social media for the greater good.

When she is isn’t  running  indie Ogden (who are we kidding it’s a 24 hour job) or tweeting up a storm she is  writing for her foodie blog http://mamamousesays.wordpress.com/ . Mikaela has also previously worked as a  music writer at the wonderful music zine “sloucher” based out of Sheffield, UK at http://sloucher.org/

You can also find her writing in various publications such as “don’t leave your friends behind: concrete ways to support families in social justice movements and communities” and “the worst : a zine on grief and loss”.

When all is said and done and she has a couple of minutes to spare you can find her loitering in various local shops as well as drinking tons of coffee at her favorite local cafes.