Acro Yoga at Front Climbing Gym



The Ogden Rad Ladies are always looking for new ways to bond and empower one another so when Allison Berlin, manager of the Front Gym’s Yoga Loft, invited us over to try Acro Yoga; we couldn’t resist signing up.  Admittedly, we were all a bit terrified of what we might encounter in the class.  I for one had a ton of questions. Would I have to be bendy and balanced because I am definitely not that! Did I remember deodorant? Would I have to grope a stranger?

Preston Webber lead the class in some exercises to break the ice and make us all a bit more comfortable. We sat in a circle and introduced ourselves and, thankfully, we were all beginners, not s single professional acrobat in the bunch. After a few breathing and stretching exercises,  we broke off into pairs to try some trust exercises; you know since we would be tossing each other in the air later.  First, we stood across from each other, and one of us closed our eyes while the other led her partner around the room, careful not to get distracted and accidentally ram our partner into a wall. Once we were certain  neither of us would drop the other later; we got down to work!

Preston was incredibly detailed and patient (and hilarious) with all of us as we navigated this new yoga style. To get us all comfortable with our partners and gain trust, we did some fun exercises before diving into full-on acrobatics. For the most part, much of the yoga is a lot of stretching in pairs which often feels like getting a Thai massage while doing yoga. I was surprised to find that this intro class wasn’t really that hard and you definitely didn’t need to be Yogi to try all the moves.

Once we were all stretched out,  it was time for liftoff!  The actual lifting was a pretty hefty workout for me. Many of my partners were much taller than me, so my poor out of shape legs had to work double time to lift. Once you find the right footing though, you can actually lift someone much bigger than you with ease or at least without crying.  My partners had no problem tossing me in the air as I practiced my best flying unicorn impersonation. I was majestic, I was graceful, I was covered in feet sweat, and I didn’t even care.

After lifting a few times, your legs are pretty beat and lifting your partner is no longer as magical as it once was. Thankfully Preston had another surprise for us, ending the class with a massage!  He demonstrated a few different ways to massage our partner’s legs for recovery.  This went on for quite a while as we all pampered our partners who lovingly lifted us off the ground and didn’t drop us on our heads a single time. They the real MVPs here.

This class was incredibly fun, Preston has us all laughing to tears, and by the end of the class, it felt more like the last day of summer camp than a yoga class. Many of us were signing up for more as we left, and I for one will be going to many more classes.  I want to thank Allison, Preston and the Front Climbing Club for hosting our huge group of women. It really was an incredible bonding experience, and we loved every moment.

Ready to try it out? You can get a day pass, a punch pass or sign up to be a member of the Front Climbing Gym. The gym not only has rock climbing walls, they also have workout equipment, showers, fun events and you can go to as many yoga classes as you can handle! Head over to to check out all your options!


Mikaela is a transplant from Portland, fell in love with Ogden her first day in town and created Indie Ogden the next week. She enjoys outdoor adventures with her 2 kiddos and making a mess crafting. You can find her at a local cafe or cycling around town with her family.