Baby Animal Days Giveaway!

Spring is here and that means so are all the adorable baby animals at USU botanical Center’s ‘Baby Animal Days’. I have been looking forward to hugging all the baby animals all year long and I can not wait until May when it officially opens. To celebrate the upcoming event I have partnered with USU Botanical Center to bring one lucky family a ‘Family pass’ which allows up to 6 related individuals 3 and up entry into Baby Animal Days!

So what is Baby Animal Days exactly?

USU Botanical Center  Baby Animal Days, is an annual family event May 9th & 10th to benefit the gardens. Springtime fun with ducklings, chicks, bunnies, kids, piglets, calves, baby llamas and miniature horses. Other activities will include horse rides,sheep shearing demos, food vendors, face painting and miniature train rides.

3:00 – Sheep shearing
4:00 – Baby Reptiles
5:00 – Talented Talons
6:00 – Sheep
7:00 – Baby Reptiles
11:00 – Sheep shearing
12:00 – Baby Reptiles
1:00 – Talented Talons
2:00 – Sheep
3:00 – Baby Reptiles
4:00 – Talented Talons
*PLEASE NOTE: Additional fees apply for some activities.

Sounds amazing right? So enter today and don’t fret if you don’t win, just use the code BLOG5 and get $5 off a family pass!

Check out adorable photo from last year HERE


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    • That’s how I always feel about giveaways, good luck!

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  1. Super stoked lets go see the baby lambs 🙂

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  2. I think this is where I’m supposed to tell you what my favorite animal is. But I couldn’t name one. All babies are cute!

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    • Right? I have to say my favorite are baby goats though, I just CAN’T RESIST!

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    • So cute! I can’t wait to hold one.

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  3. The bears, or the horses, maybe the goats…BABY….ANIMALS!!!

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  4. I’m having a baby on Tuesday, and this would be a perfect adventure for a new big sister and daddy while I am in recovery with baby!

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    • Awww Congrats! And that would be a wonderful adventure for them.

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  5. Baby animals of any kind but would l love to see the piglets and lambs

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  6. Having volunteered with this event in the past… my most favorite of all are…… the little children. Watching them around all the baby animals is magical. This is one of the best events in the area for kids of all ages.

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  7. My family just moved to Utah and I know my kiddos would LOVE this!!! It is great to see how many fun things there are to do here. Thanks for this blog! I love it!

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  8. I’ve never been so taking my two boys would be such a treat!

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