Back To School Shopping With Deseret Industries!

I will admit it, the first year my daughter started school I went out and bought everything- 10 outfits, jackets, shoes,  accessories and more.  I was left penniless and exhausted and to make matters worse I learned that she only needed a few of the things I bought. Over the years I have learned that back to school shopping shouldn’t break the bank and kids only need a few new things and some ‘new to them’ things to get started.

This year I was a professional back to school shopper and for a fraction of what I spent in previous years, I was able to get everything my kids needed, and half of it was from…wait for it…the thrift store.

Look, we live in a toss away society where people would rather buy new than buy something gently used that is just as good.  By purchasing at thrift stores, we not only save money, we are also saving our planet.  The best part about thrifting with the kiddos is teaching them about saving, hunting for deals, and the importance of recycling and buying used over new.

DI offers a HUGE variety of kids clothes, even brand new items at low prices, as low as 50 cents! You might be surprised what you find, check out some of our scores from our back to school shopping adventure!

Find a Deseret Industries thrift store near you HERE

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