Boondocks Food & Fun: Go karts, Bumper Boats, laser tag, arcade, bowling, baseball and more!

Ogden is an amazing place full of outdoor adventures to be had but sometimes you just need to spend a day at a fun center. When the warm weather hit my family went in search of a place where we could do all the crazy fun things that fun centers have to offer in once place- arcade, laser tag, go-carts, water boats, baseball, mini-golf, bowling and of course arcade games galore!  When we first pulled up the building I couldn’t believe how huge it was, this was going to be an epic day.

For the first 5 minutes we just soaked it all in trying to decide what to do first, there were so many options!  I took the little to the kiddie cove to get some of her wiggles out while my husband took our oldest daughter for her very first go-kart ride, one of many she would go on that day.  The little was a bit hesitant to dive into Kiddie Cove at first but once she saw other tots climbing in she chased after them.

The cove became our go to place to rest when us parents needed a break in between adventures. There are  benches for parents to sit on and a gate to keep all the kids from escaping into the arcade chaos. Since my little one couldn’t go on many of the adventures at Boondocks, we spent a lot of time here and on the awesome merry-go-round right in front.

Before diving head first into all the fun we decided to power up on pizza at the restaurant inside. The Back Porch Grill offers up a ton of diner style food from pizza to burgers and even healthier options like salads and wraps but this was an epic adventure so of course we got the biggest pizza we could get.  I wasn’t expecting anything great since fun centers generally have pre-made food but this pizza was actually pretty awesome and the fries that we ordered were seasoned with some rockin’ spices. We had so much leftovers  (we may have over-estimated our appetite) that we were able to pack up a small pizza box which would come in handy later when we worked up an appetite playing laser tag.

Our first family adventure was mini-golf, one of my favorite things to with kiddos when the weather is nice out.  There are 2 different themed courses, we chose the Egyptian theme and the flames at the end were definitely worth the wait.  Afterwards my husband took our older kiddo on the bumper boats, she was so excited to drive on all by herself. If you plan to watch your kiddos play I would suggest standing far away from the gate, the little stinkers sprayed us with water twice!

After bumper boats I wanted to try go-karting for my first time and we realized the girl child could drive her own  on the rookie track as well! She was beyond excited to race a car all by herself and it was a blast to watch. Clearly I caught the racing bug because I demanded to again but this time on the slick track where the cars go a lot faster. It’s pretty thrilling to  speed around corners, I don’t think I have smiles that hard in ages.

The batting cages are right next to the go-carts so before we went back inside we decided to try it out. I was a bit too scared to jump in but my daughter was all about it. I think she just might have discovered the perfect sport for her, she was a natural in the cage!  After she came out she even asked to join the summer softball team, I think we will be coming back to the batting cages soon for practice.

Once we were back inside we headed on over to try some bowling, we figured this would be a good spot for the little one to rest and watch but little did we know, it would be her favorite game of the day.  The bowling alley was probably my favorite part of Boondocks, the couches are super comfortable, the lanes are nice and clean and you can order food while you play. Of course I had to buy the novelty bowling pin water bottle, it was pretty awesome.

Next up was laser tag, something I was not really looking forward to. I never really got the appeal of laser tag, it always seemed like the thing the boys liked to do and it would probably not be something I enjoyed, boy was I wrong. Apparently I have an inner competitive spirit because as soon as we entered the dark room I was in go mode, and we SLAYED. Our blue team of just 3 competitors destroyed a team of 5, I think we found our new favorite family activity. I loved laser tag so much I even asked my husband to bring me back for my birthday, so much fun!

The  only thing we had left to do was to play games in the arcade but first, a few more rounds of laser tag and go-cart racing.  While we were using up our credits on our Boondocks card in the arcade I noticed a little section where you could watch a 4-D movie. When you enter the teeny theater they hand you 3-D classes and strap you in to a roller coaster style chair. The chairs move and shake as things jump out at you from the screen. It actually made my stomach flop a few times as if I was on an actual ride, my daughter squeezed my hand and yelled ‘This is AWESOME!’, indeed it was.

Last but certainly not least, as per our family tradition, we hopped into the photo booth to commemorate this day. 7.5 hours at Boondocks and none of us were ready to leave but it was inevitable, we had to go home at some point.  Sweaty, tired, and grinning from ear to ear we left the best family fun center we have ever been to, it was an epic day for sure.


Mikaela is a transplant from Portland, fell in love with Ogden her first day in town and created Indie Ogden the next week. She enjoys outdoor adventures with her 2 kiddos and making a mess crafting. You can find her at a local cafe or cycling around town with her family.