Indie Ogden’s guide to Fun Family Dates!

Dates don’t have to be just you an your sweetie, for all of us with kids we know… this is next to impossible. Stop worrying about who will watch the kiddos and whether or not they know CPR and instead bring them along! Family dates are a great way to bond with the kiddos and a great way to wear them out so you can watch something other than Rugrats when you get home…or sleep. So check out a few of our favorite places to go when we need a night out with the little terror.

1. NICKELCADE. This place is fun for all ages (I may not have kids, but I’ve definitely won some awesome prizes at this place!) and is guaranteed to be a good time on the 14th. Bring the kids and the spouse/significant other, and win prizes that you can then give to each other to show your love!

2. OGDEN NATURE CENTER. This is a great place to go to show your love for your family as well as for the adorable animals at the ONC! This Saturday, the 11th, they are hosting a “Nature is for Lovers” show at 7 PM. It sounds like a great way to celebrate Love Day with the whole famn damily. Also be sure to check out “Wild Wednesdays,” a kid-friendly event hosted every Wednesday, each time with a different theme.

3. COLOR ME MINE. This shop on Historic 25th Street lets you pick out a ceramic piece to paint. Give it a week in the kiln and it’s yours to take home! As a family, you can draw names of whom to paint a piece for, and give it to them as a belated V-Day gift! If you ask me, an adorable, Valentines decorated coffee mug sounds like the perfect present.

4. WOLF CREEK FAMILY SKIING. Night passes are super cheap, and if you’re an avid skiing family, what better way to spend the holiday than together on the slopes?

5. MOMMY DAUGHTER MANI-PEDI’S. There’s nothing a little girl likes more than going out with her mom (or her dad! hay dads- don’t be afraid to get your toes painted too!)  and pampering herself. Get some hearts painted on your toes and enjoy a little girl talk for your V-Day festivities. Try Nail Care by Cindy, a local adorable nail salon on Washington Boulevard.

6.Fatcats– This place is a one stop shop for fun- bowling,  glow mini golf, arcade and a photo booth! Fat cats is inside Salomon center where you can also enjoy indoor surfing, sky diving and rock climbing, seriously..never ending fun!

7-Newgate mall– i know what you may be thinking “are you kidding me??! the mall??! the mall is where my kids beg for crap i don’t want to buy and i am paranoid about losing them every single second! “. Now bare with me parents i have 2 words for you- movies and trains. The theater there often plays kids movies and the train is always a blast to ride. Yes, the train only goes about 1MPH but what kid doesn’t love a train ride really? Plus if you need to bail the nickelcade is just a couple blocks away!

8-Treehouse museum– With year memberships under $50 there really is no reason not to get one.  This place us super cool and is a great way to learn and play. Tree house has  interactive plays, Utah history, arts and crafts and so many games and toys your brain might explode…not literally.

9-Park picnic- When the weather is warm and the birds are a chirpin’ there is nothing better than a picnic in the park. You can check out our handy guide to Ogden parks here equipped with a mamas review.

10-If you don’t want to go out consider trying one of our DIY ideas, baking cupcakes, putting on a puppet show, making a start stop film with your digital camera, painting, punk rock aerobics (aka dancing crazily around the house), building a fort or just snuggling on the couch and eating ice cream.

Mikaela is a transplant from Portland, fell in love with Ogden her first day in town and created Indie Ogden the next week. She enjoys outdoor adventures with her 2 kiddos and making a mess crafting. You can find her at a local cafe or cycling around town with her family.