Dixie Rock

Recently the offspring and I took another quick trip down to Southern Utah.  Usually when we go down we spend most of our time in the surrounding National and State Parks, so this time we decided to stick a little closer to our home base.

First on our list: Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm

Snow Canyon March 2015 284

The dinosaur tracks here were originally discovered in 2000 when Dr. Sheldon Johnson was working on his property.  He and his wife realized the significance of their find and eventually turned their land over to the care of the city of Saint George.  Visitors can see fossils and dinosaur tracks, as well as visit the fun gift shop and participate in activities set up for the little ones.  We had a fun time digging for dinosaur bones and making dinosaur tracks.

Snow Canyon March 2015 245 Snow Canyon March 2015 255 Snow Canyon March 2015 271

Next up:  Dixie Rock

Snow Canyon March 2015 286

If you find yourself in Saint George and don’t have much time to explore or don’t feel much like hiking, check out Dixie Rock.  Although I don’t know the exact address, it isn’t hard to find since it’s the tallest point in Saint George and everyone you meet can point you in the right direction.  The kids and I jumped out of the car and immediately started crawling on rocks.  It’s two minutes from the freeway and frequently visited.  Sadly, because it’s so convenient there are a lot of visitors and with a lot of visitors comes a lot of trash.  Although pretty and fun for kids, I was shocked at the amount of litter and broken glass in the area.  Overall, though, it was a fun little hike and super easy for people of all ages.

Snow Canyon March 2015 367

Snow Canyon March 2015 303

We visited Johnson Farm and Dixie Rock in one morning.  They are near each other and close to the interstate.  Both are right in St. George, so they are super convenient to visit even if you don’t have much time.  We can’t wait to find more fun stuff to do down there on our next visit!

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