Eat Local Challenge- Week 1

10271307_682837005098343_4660205527387005544_oIt’s here! It’s here! Everyone has been talking about the #EatLocalChallenge for weeks and  the day to pick up our first box has arrived. Kimberly, of The FamilyPractice, has been working hard organizing this month long challenge for the second year and I have been internet stalking her updates with glee. As soon as it was pickup time I loaded the kiddos up in their Chariot (seriously every mom needs one of these)  and walked the few blocks to her house to pick up our goodies.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThe first week definitely set the bar high with all of my favorite goodies including a huge chunk of my favorite local cheese, Beehive Cheese!  I am absolutely obsessed with Beehive and all of their unique flavors like tea, coffee and herb rubbed cheeses.  I received the Seahive cheese which is hand rubbed with local Redmond Real Salt  and honey, this cheese places 3rd  in the 2011 American Cheese Society.


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAAs for the protein in this weeks box, we received Canyon Meadows grass fed ground beef. Canyon Meadows is a family owned ranch where the cows graze on grass  in the meadows, REAL meadows not pretend ones like they have in the California cows commercials.  Their meadows also provide wildlife for local animals including mule deer and elk to turkey, waterfowl and beaver. We also received a half gallon of RoseHill Dairy milk , If you grew up in Utah and had milk delivered to your house, chances are it was from them!

yumThere were so many little treats in our boxes for us as well like locally sourced  Strawberry Rhubarb jam from Amour Spreads  and a delectable macaroon from what is arguably the best names chocolate company ever, The Chocolate Conspiracy.  There was also a bite of Go Dough’s energy bites, a spoonful of quinoa, fruit and nut butter to help you power through your day. Speaking of powering through your day, there was of course some beautiful beans from Grounds For Coffee, the perfect start to any day. Last but not least Vivian’s Live Again  gluten and dairy free cream of mushroom soup mix which I will be tucking away in my camping bag.

vegOf course an Eat local challenge would not be complete without produce and Mololo Gardens and 3 Square Produce  added the most beautiful onions, tomatoes, squash and probably the cutest little baby beets I have ever seen. Both Mololo and 3 Square Gardens are locally owned and family operated organic farms in the Davis area.


You can read all about the different companies involved and read all about the Eat Local Project in Kimberly’s Week 1 Newsletter ! Be sure to follow  and ‘Like’ The page on Facebook to stay updated and for great recipes during the #EatLocalChallenge.

Week 1 items:

  • Rosehill Dairy:2% Milk
  • Beehive Cheese:Seahive
  • Canyon Meadows Ranch: Ground Beef
  • The Honey Jar: Raw Honey
  • Go Dough:Energy Bites
  • Vivian’s Live Again:Cream of Mushroom Soup Mix
  • Chocolate Conspiracy:Coconut Macaroons
  • Amour Spreads:Strawberry Rhubarb Spread
  • Mololo Gardens and 3 Squares Produce:Heirloom Tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, baby beets, zucchini,summer squash, red and white onions


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