Eat Local Challenge Week 3!


eatlocalI am starting to think that Kim is psychic because every time I have a special meal planned  the exact ingredients I need are in my next Eat Local box.  Tonight I am heading to a Mexican dinner party and am making my famous tamales and possibly if I am feeling super motivated, chile rellenos. When I picked up my box lo and behold it was filled with beautiful tomatillos, tomatoes, peppers, squash, apples and corn.






The beautiful veggies were not the only thing in our box of course. This week we had a cute little package of Butcher’s Bunches preserves. This local company makes delicious fresh preserves using no sugar or just the tiniest smidge if needed and their packaging is absolutely adorable.  I was already a fan of  this company so I was super excited to see it included, if you have a chance to gab a jar  you should definitely try it on ice cream.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThis week we also got another package of Beehive Cheese, this time in Tea Hive flavor. This cheese is rubbed with black tea and pure bergamont oil, I guarantee you have never tried a cheese like this and the American Cheese Society agrees, it places 1st in the cheese competition in 2012.




Some other fantastic goodies in this weeks box were a half gallon of local Rosehill Dairy  milk ( my absolute favorite), local coffee beans from Mason Jar Coffee Roasters and the crème de la crème,  tomato and basil bratwurst from Canyon Meadows Ranch. 


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Inside this weeks box

  • Rosehill Dairy 2% Milk
  • Canyon Meadows Ranch Tomato Basil Beef Bratwurst
  • Butchers Bunches, Jam Selection – various flavors
  • Vivian’s Live Again Tomato & Herb Soup Mix
  • Mason Jar Coffee Roasters Bolivia Vicopex Specialty
  • Beehive Cheese Teahive
  • Mololo Gardens and 3 Squares Produce: Salsa Package: tomatoes, bell pepper, jalapeno, garlic, Green Applies and Corn and tomatillos. Optional Salsa Additions: Serrano. Additional Jalapeno Pepper Package: Purple Marconi, Banana Pepper, Red Cherry

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