Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins Giveaway!

Is there anything cuter than a baby in moccasins? Freshly Picked makes the most adorably stylish moccs for little ones and have been spotted everywhere from on Kardashian babies to top style blogs and not to mention Shark Tank.  This (not so) little company started as one moms quest for the perfect pair of baby shoes and after a lot of sewing and hard work has blossomed into a must have baby brand.

I was so excited  this humble little blog was chosen to feature these cuties and when the package arrived, swoon. The box it came in doubled as a creative project for kids where they can color their own garden and plant veggies using stickers that were included as well, how clever!  I ordered the Golden Rod moccasins which I can tell you was no easy feat, I stared at their shop page for hours debating each color but in the end I decided that yellow goes with everything.

When my babe gets new shoes I always give it the “stay” test where I make her run back and forth to ensure that the shoes are actually going to stay on and I wont arrive at my destination missing one shoe short. Not only did these shoes stay on during a jog around the house they also stayed on while she climbed, jumped and tumbled her way across the Ogden boulder field. By the end of  our outdoor adventure the shoes were nice and broken in  and  sadly, dirty. I was afraid these were ruined on our first day out but a quick wipe with a baby wipe and they were as good as brand new.

Yes, moccasins are about the cutest thing you will ever see on a baby’s feet but there is an even bigger reason to use soft soled shoes than adorableness. The human foot contains 26 bones but baby feet are more cartilage than bone which fuse and harden into adult bone as they grow. Baby feet aren’t even fully developed until age 2 and the bones wont completely harden until they are about 18 years old. Wearing soft soled shoes ensures than your little ones feet develop properly  and with all that climbing and jumping and running, soft leather is perfect.

Freshly Picked  has a color for every occasion and even some limited edition designs that you wont find anywhere else. So, want to get a pair for yourself? Enter below sing the Rafflecopter entry form and one of you lucky readers will get a pair of your own!

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Read more about benefits of soft soled shoes HERE


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