Get Dressed in Red with Weber Chamber Orchestra

Red Dress Concert 2016Do you want another chance to give your Valentine a gift? Or, would you like an inexpensive but classy event to share with family or friends? How about the Red Dress Concert this Saturday, February 27 at 7:00 pm, in Union Station’s Browning Theater?

Chamber Orchestra Ogden and Ogden Regional Medical Center are offering this fourth annual event for February Heart Health Month. And there’s nothing better for your heart than an hour of music with Ogden’s own chamber orchestra and the The Richter-Uzur Duo.

Viktor Uzur, cello, and Brad Richter, guitar, will be premiering Duo Concerto for Cello and Guitar. You can say you heard it here first! The Duo has grown a serious fan base locally after their many performances at the WSU Bonneville Chamber Music Festivals over the years. Their work together includes everything from A to Led Zeppelin.

The concert is a grand partnership between art, the medical community, and the audience. That could be YOU and your loved ones, friends, even children 8 years and older. The concerts are performed without intermission, which means they are rarely longer than an hour. There is no dress code but for the Red Dress Concert everyone is encouraged to wear red for Valentines, love, heart health, and just the fun of it. Tickets are $5 general admission at the door. The ticket sellers are equipment to take card payments.

PARENTS: If you are bringing an 8-year-old or older children, please take the time before the performance to discuss how a music concert of this kind works. They are asked to sit in their chairs and listen to the music. Some parents bring quiet activities to help children remain still. One thing you can point out is how hard and long the musicians have been practicing to present their very best music. Children ARE encouraged to clap enthusiastically when the performance is done.

Chamber Orchestra Ogden (COO) has been bringing the community together since June 2011 (officially) although the 50-60 musicians began operating as a casual orchestra the previous year. Director Michael Palumbo knew many people to bring to this group, after retiring from more than thirty years as the Director of the Orchestra Program at Weber State University.