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(Prices shown include trade value, see ‘What is the cost?’ below)


Why choose a feature/spotlight/review over advertising?

People like to see how others experience a business first hand. Our posts are full of fun photos and first-hand experiences that give our readers a chance to see your business in action. There are so many options out there, and consumers want to make sure they are making the right choice. An ad can certainly get your name out there, but a blog post full of fun details and photos will inspire people to take action.

How do you schedule a visit?

It’s easy, just mail us at and tell us a bit about your business and what you’d like us to feature.

Does it have to be a restaurant?

No! We want to feature all local businesses, services, products and even experiences and are open to ideas and suggestions.  We have done reviews, event recaps, a day in the life of businesses, photo essays, previews of upcoming events and news,  interviews and more! Shoot us an email and let’s chat!

What is the cost?

We like to work with businesses to come up with a fair trade or reasonable rate.  Our goal is to show off local businesses, not to get rich.  Check out our prices  HERE and contact us for more information.

What happens at a visit?

Mikaela, or one of our many trusted writers, will visit your restaurant, event or businesses to experience all you have to offer. You can plan the entire visit or let us experience it for ourselves. We will take quality photos to feature on the blog and social media outlets including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  During our visit, we would love to hear your story and learn all about your business.

What happens after?

After our visit, we will post on our social media outlets about our visit. Within a week, we will have a post scheduled on the blog. Giveaways that go with the blog post last three days.

Some helpful stats:

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