Good Company Theatre presents ODETTES for the holidays!

Good Company Theatre has a great holiday gift for you. Let them take you home for the holidays – to
a place you’ve never been. It is December 1974. Sit in at the local club for a reunion of The Odettes,
a famous 60s “girls group”. They’ve gone their separate ways for more than 10 years and one is
replaced by her daughter, who organizes the reunion as a tribute to her mother, now passed on.

This is a perfect set up for storytelling, with three-part harmony singing it all together. Each of the
three leading women brings their characters to life with their acting and singing. I believed them all.

Dori (Mack) has moved on to a steady career of writing songs and jingles while raising a family. She
is a Grand Dame of her genre, but she is kind.

Della (Darby-Duffin) has taken her fame on the road in Europe, making a steady income as a star. She
has cultivated the sassy snap of a woman who gets what she wants. She still has it!

Reggie (James) is taking her mother’s place in the trio, as she organizes this reunion from her job in a
New York library. She rejected the family tradition in music in favor of an academic life but she can’t
help but sing. James conveys her wistful, confused youth.

Woody (Stone) sets up the story, provides some memories, and plays the keyboard. In addition, he
carries off the prize for best costume.

The older women have a lifetime of stories to share, and they have done so with Reggie as they
watched her grow up. Reggie shares her side of the story, as the daughter of a famous but retired
Odette. We get to hear those stories now. This is the second version of this play I have seen. I
thoroughly enjoyed the first one, but I don’t remember being pulled into the women’s individual
connections to each other as this production was able to do to me.

The connections are enhanced by their joyful singing of The Odette’s Greatest Christmas Hits.
Camille Washington has an eye/ear for the past. Her 21st-century songs and their choreography are
right out of the early 60s. It seems so simple and innocent compared to the barrage of stimulation
from current style.

This is the second production in the new Good Company Theatre space. Director Alicia Washington
(yes, Alicia and Camille are sisters) is making good use of the new space with her small stage under
bright lights. The audience wraps around the performers, like tables in the club. You are there.

Give someone you love an experience at the theatre this holiday instead of a gift card or ugly
sweater. This one act is 75 minutes. Have a nice dinner, see the lights at Christmas Village and top
off the evening with a cheery holiday play. Win-win- win!
-Caril Jennings



Good Company Theatre presents
ODETTES for the holidays!
a play with music by Camille Washington,
December 9-23, • 2402 Wall Ave, Ogden, Utah (801) 917-4969,


Della: Dee-Dee Darby-Duffin
Dori: Mack
Reggie: Sammee Lydia James
Woody: Laikwan Waigwa Stone
Book and Songs: Camille Washington
Director: Alicia Washington