GreenWood Charter School

As a mom to three very unique individuals I strive to provide the very best in everything for them – from the food we eat to the education they receive. For a few years now I have been interested in enrolling my older children in a charter school but wasn’t really sure what all the buzz was about or where to start. Last fall Mikaela posted a picture on Instagram mentioning GreenWood Charter School. I took a look at their website, attended the next family night, and I was hooked.


GreenWood Charter School is a free public charter school opening in Harrisville this fall for the 2015-2016 school year. What exactly is a “free public charter school”? Let’s break it down.

Free – There is NO tuition. Charter schools receive their funding from the State of Utah, exactly the same as any other school. There are school fees that follow Utah State Rules and are set, approved, and published each school year by the Board of Directors.

Public – Charter schools are open to ALL students. Based on capacity, there are limits on enrollment. Students will be chosen from a lottery, with preference is given to founding members and siblings. GreenWood will have grades K-6.

Charter School – To sum it up in one word, to me a charter school means “Options”. The standard public school system works for a lot of people – that’s why it’s standard. Not every child and family is the same, though. Each charter school has its own focus: Montessori, Spanish, Business, etc. GreenWood’s focus will be on personal wellness and environmental stewardship. They will approach this focus by offering a holistic education using an Expeditionary Learning method and modeling their services after six core HEALTH values (Healthy Habits, Environmental Stewardship, Achievement, Leadership, Thinking Creatively, and Honoring Diversity).



A common concern I have heard from parents regarding charter schools is the quality of education their child will receive. All teachers at GreenWood will be state certified and meet state board requirements. The school director (principal), Jessie Kidd, has been working in the education field for nearly twenty years. There will be a Special Education program and a school garden.

Parents will be asked to volunteer a minimum of 30 hours during the school year. There will be no bus service and carpooling is encouraged. GreenWood will participate in the federal food program, offering healthy breakfast and lunch options daily.

Ground officially broke last week and classes are scheduled to start August 26th. Spots are filling up fast and the next lottery will be held April 9th.

The next family night will be held at the Harrisville Cabin April 21st, at 7 p.m. If you have any questions at all or would like to learn more about GreenWood Charter School please join us!


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