Guide to adopting a pet in Ogden

Right here in Ogden there  are so many homeless pets just waiting for the day that someone adopts them. Unfortunately a large amount never find homes and are consequently euthanized. Whether you are looking for a kittie or a dog to share your home with, there are plenty of options here in Ogden.  Instead of buying  a pet from a breeder consider giving an animal a second chance at life. If you can’t commit to an adoption try fostering or volunteering at shelters or adoption events. We made you a handy guide to help you find your new best friend! Check it out and help save a life!

Of course whenever you do decide to adopt a pet be sure to get them spayed or neutered, licensed, micro-chipped and updated on all their shots! You can  have all of this done for free or for a discount  from big fix. Big fix is a safe mobile clinic for Utah pets!  the group ‘no more homeless pets’ offers a directory for free or discounted animal care HERE.

No more homeless pets: Offers a directory of free or discounted pet care, adoptable pets, events and volunteer opportunities.

Cause for paws-Cause for Paws Utah is a volunteer organization created to promote shelter adoption. To be effective our efforts are focused on shelter dogs in danger of being euthanized in Utah. As our organization grows our policies and programs may change, but as a small group we make a greater difference focusing on Utah shelter

Black dog rescue project-Making the world a better place for homeless black dogs.Homeless black dogs are the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized.Providing education on how to select and care for a shelter dog that may have a history of abuse or neglect. Spreading awareness about Black Dog Syndrome.

black dog walk-In September of 2009, the Black Dog Walk began walking together to raise awareness about Black Dog Syndrome. As the pack began to grow, the need to help black shelter animals became more apparent and the group started walking dogs from the Ogden City Shelter in downtown Ogden every Saturday afternoon, all year round. This was a very successful way to give the dogs exercise, raise awareness about homeless shelter animals and Black Dog Syndrome, find loving homes for the dogs, and meet new compassionate animal lovers in the area. Hours for adoptions are Mon thru Fri 8:00 – 4:30 and starting Jan 8 they will be open on Saturdays 8:00 – noon. 1373 No. 750 W. Ogden, UT

pack n pounce rescue-Pack `n Pounce Thrift Store started as an ideal way to help both our rescued companion animals and our people friends too. Before the thrift store opened in 2008 we were very small. We took in farm animals with an occasional cat or dog. Here in Ogden, Utah there are a lot of companion animals that need to be rescued and re-homed. Recycled pets make the best pets. We rescue as many as we have the ability to care for. Here locally there is a great need for rescuing our feline and k-9 companions. We take in pets of every shape and size as we have fosters to care for them and the funds to properly care for them. We are always looking for foster parents so we can take more pets into our rescue. Our rescue pets live in privet homes.333 2nd street Ogden Ut 84404

Weber county animal shelter-The Weber County Animal Shelter opened its doors during the summer of 2000 with big goals. The goal of the management and staff of the shelter is to see as many animals as possible leave through the front door. We work very hard to locate owners of lost pets. If the owners are not found, we do all we can to see these animals adopted into loving homes. Weber County Animal Shelter 1373 No. 750 W. PH- (801) 399-8244

Miller k-9- Offers training to sheltered dogs to be used for the police force and private organizations. “Since July 2010 I have been working part-time with Salt Lake Co. Animal Services. I work from home with the Sporting Breeds and others.We evaluate the dogs drives and traits and put them in a program to work as a hunting dog for waterfowl and upland game, Some of the dogs have been started on detection work and have moved on to full-time jobs in this type of work. I enjoy working with the shelter dogs, it has always amazed me with the talent allot these dogs have.”

Liza’s foster and transport connectionsA reference page for people who desire to foster death row animals, focusing on bully breeds and large dogs.

Pet finder-Petfinder is an online, searchable database of animals who need homes. It is also a directory of more than 13,000 animal shelters and adoption organizations across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Utah humane society-Founded in 1960, the Humane Society of Utah is “dedicated to the elimination of pain, fear, and suffering in all animals.” to that end we provide the following services:

  • Shelter, care, and adoption for lost and unwanted animals
  • Low-cost sterilization surgeries and vaccinations at our own fully-staffed in-house clinic
  • A full-time certified cruelty investigator who responds to reports of neglect and abuse and checks animal facilities throughout the state
  • Professional humane education programs for tens of thousands of school children
  • In-house pet obedience classes
  • A full-time foster parent program to help young, ill, or special-needs animals become adoptable
  • Outreach adoptions through our Animobile and off-site adoptions staff
  • A Rescue/Transfer program bringing animal breeds which are highly adoptable in Utah to our shelter from overcrowded facilities in other areas. Humane Society also takes animals that are not in great demand in our own area to accredited and screened shelters in other parts of the Southwest which adopt out such breeds in high numbers
  • Pet-facilitated therapy programs for hospitals and adult-care centers
  • Support for animal-friendly legislation
  • Publications, special events, and community activities to heighten awareness of animal issues and problems



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