Hunting the Wasatch Squatch + Frightmares Passes!


coverThe elusive Sasquatch has been spotted all over the world, but no one has been able to capture him. I contacted a local expert to see if I could get some tips on finding this elusive creature, and he shared with me his first of  many bigfoot encounters,

When I was 16 years old, I went for a four day weekend camping trip with a group of younger kids and adult counselors to Lyman Lake in the Uintah Mountains about 50 miles east of Heber, Utah.  This is a church owned campground with cabins, a lodge, and an amphitheater.  Several of us, being the teenagers that we were, decided to sneak out in the middle of the night and take two canoes across Lyman Lake to the opposite side just for fun.  We docked the canoes on the opposite side of the lake from the campground and proceeded to climb to the top of the hill that surrounded the lake.  From our vantage point, we could see down the opposite slope and across a small valley that included a smaller lake, or large pond.  As the rest of the group was still climbing the hill to the top, only two of us had made it so far, the other friend told me to do my Bigfoot call.  The Bigfoot call I mastered was one from a recording in 1972 that was first featured on the National Geographic show and recorded in Washington state.  I proceeded to make the call, which caused everyone still climbing the hill to stop.  I had practiced that call for years to perfect it.  Within 5 seconds of my Bigfoot vocalization, an identical, much louder sound came from the valley near the smaller lake.  The vocalization from the smaller lake area was much more authentic and much louder than mine.  You could feel the reverb from it in your chest.  This sent the entire group scrambling down the hill, back onto the canoes and back across the lake to the cabins as fast as we could go.  None of us saw what made the sound, but it was at least 100 times louder, and deeper than my vocalization, and I did the vocalization as loud as I could to try for an echo off the hills on the other side of the smaller lake.  We could see where it came from, right near the smaller lake itself, but could not see anything and didn’t stick around to see if it made itself visible.  We never left the cabins again for the next three nights.  I have heard of sightings in the adjacent area, closer to Fish Lake and Elizabeth Mountain area a few miles further northwest.

After that encounter, he devoted much of his time to finding Bigfoot, traveling all over and leading investigations.  Unfortunately, he was not able to lead me on my adventure because he is currently hunting a monster in Arizona. Luckily, he did share with me the sites that the Wasatch Squatch seems to frequent the most. Before my hunt, I did make sure to scout out The Utah Bigfoot Blog for more stories and tips that might help me on my journey.

The best, most frequent sighting areas in Utah, according to my expert insider, are in the following areas:

Logan Canyon – Sighting frequency occurs at different areas along US 89 through Logan Canyon, and around upper canyon areas, even up into Idaho.
Huntsville, Eden, Liberty area – around Pineview Reservoir and a few miles north into Eden and Liberty.
Monte Cristo area – Take Hwy 39 out of Huntsville (Pineview Reservoir), about 25 miles or so until you get to the Monte Cristo camping area.  Numerous sightings here from hunters, campers, ATV riders, hikers, etc…
North Ogden Pass – this is the road that leads to Liberty, Eden and Huntsville from North Ogden.  We have had several sightings in the North Ogden Pass area.  Not many recent, to my knowledge.
Bountiful Canyon – We have had several sightings above Bountiful, Utah, by hunters and ATV riders.  There is a main access road that runs along the top of the mountain above Bountiful that is ideal for accessing a lot of different sighting areas on the front side and back side of the mountain, via 4-wheel drive or ATV.
American Fork Canyon – I have personally heard reports and stories from eye-witnesses from further up in American Fork Canyon, mostly near camping areas, and further inward and off-road.
Price/Huntington/Castledale – mainly in the Huntington Lake area, but we have had sightings in multiple areas around mountains near those locations.
Cedar Fort/Eagle Mountain/Mercury/Ophir – Both sides of the Oquirrh Mountian range here have had sightings by hunters, hikers and people traveling around the south point of the Oquirrh Mountain Range towards Mercury/Ophir/Tooele.  Also in the Lake Mountain range east of Eagle Mountain and on the west side of the mountains.
Duchesne Ridge/Currant Creek area – Two ways to get up to Duchesne Ridge off of Hwy 35 out of Kamas, Utah.  Take the road to Mill Hollow Reservoir and there are 4-wheel drive trails up to the top of Duchesne Ridge.  Also, you can go the back way from Wolf Creek Campground and follow the 4 -wheel drive roads up to the top of the ridge.  There are hidden camping grounds at the top along the ridge.  Some people take trailers up there and leave them, which is not really legal, but they do it anyway.  Every time I have been there I have seen one or two trailers in remote areas, but never anyone at the three or four man-made camping sites on the top of the ridge.  Again sightings here are from hunters and fisherman.  Duchesne Ridge is pretty remote, but Wolf Creek Campground is about 5 miles down the mountain and sits right off of Hwy 35.
Lyman Lake (Uintah Mountains) – This is the camping area owned and operated by the LDS church but is located higher up in the Uintah mountains east of Heber, almost on the Utah/Wyoming border.  This is where I had one of my most convincing encounters.

With this list in hand, my family packed up our adventure gear  (pictured below) and headed out in search of the hairy beast.

Backpack, Indiana Jones hat, rope, books about forest stuff, gloves, Ogden Source Newspaper, first aid kit, binoculars, Zune, lantern, flashlight, machetes, a big rock…actually it’s a geode, magnifying glass, slingshot, peanuts, awesome jacket.

After hours of hiking a well know Bigfoot trail at an undisclosed location,  we had just about given up when I spotted a clump of mysterious fur on a leaf alongside a giant footprint.  As I crouched down to investigate, I heard a noise in the woods, and suddenly there he was, Wasatch Squatch.
Turns out Bigfoot is actually a pretty chill dude.  I loaned him my jacket and hat, and he gave us all hugs and told us about his gig with Young Ford and Young Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram before heading back in the woods.
Apparently hunting Bigfoot is not that hard, you can find him at the Monster Bash on October 24th at the Ogden Amphitheater with 20 tickets to Frightmares at Lagoon! Snap a photo with him and tag #SasquatchSelfie and #ThinkYoung on Instagram and get a pair of tickets! First come, first serve so get there early!
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