Indie Ogden adventure guide: Snowshoeing

Sunday morning.
9:36 a.m.
19F according to my Jeep.
The parking lot at Snowbasin is packed with skiers and snowboarders, with employees directing drivers to their respective spots. One thing that most people don’t realize is there is more to Snowbasin than skiing and snowboarding. To the east of the lodge by the overflow parking lot is the beginning of the snowshoeing, tubing, and cross-country terrain park. It’s surprising how much of a difference a 15 minute drive from 12th Street can make!
Snowshoeing is a very physical activity, so be prepared to get sweaty and a little sore come the morrow. Always remember, dressing in layers will help you stay warm. The terrain park is beautiful; it is a wonderfully manicured terrain park, however there are trails that pop out in front of you and you are welcomed to each and every one of them. The crisp air in your lungs, the brightness of the snow beaming against your skin, and a full backpack on your back makes you feel somewhat of an adventurer going off to untouched earth. Snowshoeing is a romantic expedition; it’s you, your snowshoes, backpack, water bottle, and wherever you want to go. You can go as short or as far as your heart contents on the terrain park. The park is roughly 6 miles total, and if you’re a beginner like yours truly, it may take about 3 hours to finish. If you don’t own your own snowshoes or have someone who you can borrow gear from, Snowbasin rents snowshoes for $16 a day, or $16 for 7 days. If $16 is a bit on the pricey side, the Weber State outdoors shop also rents snowshoes for $9. One of the grandest parts about snowshoeing (besides the beautiful back country and crisp air in your lungs), as i was heading back to my Jeep after 3 hours of snowshoeing i passed my 6th person on the trail and he said, “man, the trail is really packed today!”
Not a fan of Snowbasin? Fear not! There are several other terrain parks in the Ogden and Weber valleys that are both challenging and competitive. With the North Fork Park, Liberty Trailhead, Maples Campground, Green Pond, Monte Cristo, and South Fork Campground all within a 20-25minute drive from Ogden and all offering terrain from novice to expert snowshoeing, you will definitely be challenged each and every time you go out! So grab your snowshoes, grab your backpack, grab your sweetie, and head out for day of adventure on a snowy winter trail. You will definitely not regret it! Well, maybe the next day you will.


Timmy, a 32 year old British gentleman by birthright, enjoys theoretical astro physics, Morrissey albums, a strong coffee, and is a bicycle enthusiast. He resides in the Utah version of Mayberry.

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