Indie Ogden Film Review: In Another Country


In Another Country is a 2012 film starring Isabelle Huppert, Kwon Hye Hyo, and Jung Yu Mi; written and directed by Sang-soo Hong.

In Another Country is a Korean movie, which examines three variations on the same story: a French woman, Anne, (played by Huppert) visits a small seaside town. The framing for this is a young woman and her mother are on the run from debtors and are hiding in Mohang, where the young woman sets out to write a screenplay set in the very town they are laying low in. Rather than one screenplay, these three stories emerge.

There are certain elements that all three stories share. The same actors/actresses appear in each story, but with varying roles. The woman, at some point, always visits the beach. A dim lifeguard is always swimming, and she talks to him. There is the search for a small lighthouse. There is always some infidelity caused by Anne. Anne visits the keeper of the rental property, asks if there is somewhere “good” to go, and the two go shopping. Anne borrows an umbrella from the keeper.

In the first story, Anne plays a famous filmmaker visiting Mohang with her Korean director friend and his very pregnant and jealous wife. In the second, she is the wife of a French car executive meeting her lover, who is a famous Korean filmmaker. In the third, she is a divorced housewife who arrives with her older teacher friend for a weekend of peace and rejuvenation after her husband left her for his secretary.

There’s an interesting element to the three being told consecutively, especially as certain lines and scenes are repeated in each story but with different implications. I have a hard time saying whether or not I liked the film, but I thought the structure was fascinating. Although it is a Korean movie, the majority of the dialogue is in English. I would definitely recommend seeing it.

In Another Country is currently playing at Art House Cinema 502 through February 7th, so be sure to check their website for showtimes.

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