Indie Ogden Recipe – Perfectly Pampered Peaches

PeachesThe harvest season is upon us, and there is nothing like the sweet juiciness of a Northern Utah peach to remind us all why we’ve been counting down the days to autumn.

In trying to put all my ripening peaches to good use, and wanting to treat myself after a long week I came up with this recipe. An Italian delicacy with a local twist, this concoction will give you something to do with those extra-ripe peaches, get a smidgen of the spicy taste of fall you’ve been longing for and leave you feeling indulged to boot.

Looking for great local peaches? You’ll practically trip over them in September. Fruit stands are popping up along roadsides everywhere, and even the major grocery stores will stock local produce this time of year. My favorite place to stock up on the bounty of goods around harvest season is Pettingill’s, off Highway 89 in Willard.

Marscapone cheese is a bit of an indulgence, and a little hard to find but totally worth the splurge. An Italian cream cheese, it’s richer and sweeter than the usual variety. It pairs perfectly with the tart fleshiness of the peach. If you want to make this without having to go to the store, you can substitute the marscapone with some whipped cream cheese, mixed with a little bit of vanilla and milk. Probably things you have on hand, and will still yield delicious results.

For the marscapone, cream cheese and vanilla, (not to mention the cheapest milk around) I like Lee’s Market in North Ogden, a locally owned market with a decidedly small-town friendliness offering a decent variety of products from local vendors and artisans.

Next to the peaches, the best part of this recipe is the local honey. Check out Wasatch Honey, offering pesticide free honey from rescued and reclaimed hives all over the Wasatch front. Also The Honey Jar, aptly located in Honeyville, offers many honey varieties, boasting tantalizing flavors like lavender, dandelion and blackberry.

This dish is simple and easy to prepare, but every time I make (and devour) it I feel just a little bit pampered. Enjoy it on the porch with a warm blanket and a glass of Moscato and you’ve given yourself the perfect way to spend a chilly fall evening in Northern Utah.


Perfectly Pampered Peaches


1 ripened Utah peach

4 Tbsp marscapone cheese.

   Or 4 Tbsp whipped cream cheese, ½ tsp of milk, a splash of pure vanilla extract.

3-6 Tbsp local raw honey

Nutmeg to taste

Cinammon to taste.



Rinse, half and pit peach.

Spoon out each peach middle into a small bowl shape. Set removed centers aside.

Scoop 2 Tbsp marscapone (or cream cheese mixture) into each peach-half

Top peaches with leftover (spooned out) fruit.

Sprinkle with nutmeg and cinnamon to taste.

Bake at 350 for 15 minutes.

Remove from oven, drizzle 2-3 Tbsp raw honey over each peach half.


Cindy is an Ogden native, aspiring author, freelance writer and mother of two girls. Her idea of a good time is lounging in the sun with a new book or exploring a trail with her quirky daughters. When she isn’t writing, mommying or making eyes at her husband of twenty years, you can find her capturing Ogden’s unique architecture from behind a camera lens, or sipping a dirty Chai at one of O-towns unique coffee shops.