Indie Ogden Review: April’s Mercolocal box

Another month, another box of amazing goods.  I have been thoroughly enjoying my Merco Local subscription and this month did no disappoint. by now my family knows that when the box comes there is exciting gifts inside and I made the mistake of leaving mine out unattended and finding 2 children and a dog rooting through my goods. Thankfully I was able to try the Madeleine but the other snacks were devoured in the short time I was in the kitchen unaware of the betrayal happening  in the other room.

Here is the lowdown of all the great things in April’s box and if you are excited to try one for yourself be sure to use the code ‘INDIEOGDEN’ to get your first box 50% off!

Mason Jar Coffee: This cafe roasts their own coffee and they don’t mess around. The whole beans ground down and French pressed was perfection and with the gift card included I was able to treat myself to a tasty fancy drink.

Les Madeleine’s from Patisserie Cafe : The package says great for dipping so of course I dipped it in my Mason Jar coffee. These pastries were sweet, lemony and light as air!

Meals that transform-Om protein bar & powder mix: Although I did not get to try these (darn kids and dog!)  I loved the ingredients and how full of nutrients it was. I will definitely be giving this company a try.

Eco Treasures Soap Nuts: I saw this company on Shark Tank and was excited to see them in the box. I added one to a spray bottle with water and essential oils and when I shook the bottle up it was frothy and soapy. To my surprise it was able to get tough stuck on grease off in one swipe! I will be testing this on dirty kid clothes very soon.

Ashley’s Apothecary Salve: I can not rave enough about this salve. After a long day at the hot springs my skin was salty and dry but after applying this salve it was softer and silkier than ever.

Fit Me Tea: I am obsesses with the steep+deep blend, soothing and relaxing. I love all if their marketing as well, tea pack on a caribiner with outdoorsy labels is smart and effective because I can’t get enough.

Gift cards:  This box also included gift cards to some great local retailers like Our Children’s Earth, downtime yoga, Ballet West and Rodizio Grill. It’s a great way to get you out of your comfort zone to try something new!



  1. Thank you so much for the shout out about Fit Me Tea! We’ve been getting amazing feedback about our blends. Our goal when we set out was to create a tea blend and brand that would motivate and compliment a healthy, active lifestyle — get loose leaf tea out of the cafes, tea houses, and kitchens and out into this big, beautiful world of adventure!
    Come check out our tea blends at!

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  2. Thanks so much for giving Our Children’s Earth a shout out also. We really appreciate it. We focus on making awesome upcycled, recycled, reporposed clothes, jewelry, houseware and more!

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