Indie Ogden Review: Boondocks Fun Center


Boondocks Fun Center in Kaysville is one of three locations (the other two being in Draper and Northglenn, CO) that offers basically everything you would ever want or need to have tons of fun. Located off the 200N/Kaysville exit of I-15, Boondocks features (get ready) two mini-golf courses, bumper boats, go-karts, batting cages, “kiddie cove” (a ballpit to the max), bowling, rollerball (miniature bowling), laser tag, and an arcade. Think that’s enough for you?


I’ve been to Boondocks a number of times (it’s the second location for the annual Clinelympics), and it continues to be a great place to go with friends and have a ton of fun. While it is a little ways from downtown Ogden, the 20 minutes is worth it. There is ample parking, and the facilities are kept in great condition. Minigolf, bumper boats, go-karts, and the batting cages are all outdoors, so availability is seasonal. You can see their phenomenal mini-golf courses as you drive by on I-15, and they’ve created some fun features that also provide a good challenge.

The bumper boats have little water guns attached to them, so you can have a nice little battle with your friends. The go-kart course is big, but the karts are speed limited so you won’t be going as fast as you would at somewhere like Fast Kart. The bowling alley is very well-maintained. The lanes are pretty slick, so if you’re a serious bowler it might take some time to adjust your throw. There’s also huge projectors at the end of the alley, showing sports/music videos, depending on the season. There’s lots of black light, which always makes things interesting. There is a large variety of arcade games, from spinoffs of “Deal or No Deal” and “Wheel of Fortune” to your typical zapper based games, claw machines, skeeball, and the big bike racing ones. All the arcade games spit out tickets, which you can exchange for a huge variety of prizes (from candy up to laptops).


The laser tag arena is also a treat. It’s a large square room, with a base on each side and charging stations/score screens in each corner. There’s a ramp up to a second level, which you can see from the first floor. You can’t pick your own name, but the vests are all named after various superheroes so you probably won’t get stuck with anything terrible. They also have a variety of scoring options, from free for all to team based events, meaning that you can go back again and again and still have a different experience each time.

Boondocks also has a restaurant/cafe and a snack bar. The food selection is pretty varied, offering the typical variety. They have pizza, sandwiches, wraps, salads, burgers, sides and desserts. If you happen to be bowling, you can order it there and they’ll bring it over to your lane when you are ready. The food in general is pretty average – nothing exceptional, but if you find yourself starving it’ll definitely hit the spot. There is the small premium you tend to pay at places like these, with most options just under $10 and the kids meals at $5.50.

Also, there’s a ton of pricing options depending on what you want to do. The Unlimited pack, which gives you free reign of all their attractions and $5 to spend at the arcade, is $17 for adults and $15 for kids. That’s a pretty solid deal as it is, but if you’re looking for something a little cheaper you can narrow it down to only having 2 or 3 of the attractions, or just pay for everything a la carte. The attractions are all about $7 each. You can find more information about pricing over on their website.

Overall, it’s a great place to go regardless of your age. They have specials going on pretty regularly, so you can always find a slightly cheaper to help you get in.

Boondocks Fun Center
525 S. Deseret Drive
Kaysville, UT 84037
(801) 660-6800

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