Indie Ogden Review- Breakfast at Cafe Ville Bella

Café Ville Bella has been a favorite Ogden hangout of mine for awhile, having drawn me in with the lure of free WiFi and gourmet coffee. Their signature Ville Bella Mocha is positively dreamy with orange-chocolatey goodness.

However, a girl doesn’t have to visit Café Ville Bella too many times before the aromas coming from the tiny kitchen are too tantalizing to resist. I caved early. My faves off the lunchtime menu are the Caprese salad and the Shrimp bisque- which is a little piece of spicy heaven on a crisp fall day. Also, they offer cupcakes in flavors like cookies-and-cream and chocolate cheesecake baked fresh every day. Need I say more?

Okay, but we’re supposed to be talking about breakfast. (Sorry, I got distracted thinking of all the foods.) Late this summer, Café Ville Bella began offering an impressive breakfast menu, including items like veggie omelets, bacon-infused French toast, biscuits and gravy, and ginormous pancakes. Excited to try it out, my friend Lori and I arrived just after opening one balmy Saturday morning. Owner Johnny was warm and welcoming, as always. When I told him I was still half-asleep and to surprise me with my coffee, he brought me a nutty Irishman, a rich combination of coffee, Irish cream and hazelnut. Needless to say this drink is now in the running for my all-time-favorite ways to come to consciousness.

I ordered the veggie scramble – eggs mixed with fresh veggies, cheese, a side of salsa and sourdough toast. Lori and I chatted quietly while *gasp* someone made breakfast for us for the first time since…ever? I will admit that maybe because of this we were biased as to how good the food was going to be.

But it was better than good, it was heaven. Perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs, laced with giant chunks of green pepper, mushroom and tomato, and covered in melted cheese. Lori ordered a hash-brown veggie skillet, and said that the potatoes were grilled to the perfect crispiness. Yum! We were so blessed out by the peace and quiet and the delectable food, we decided to make breakfast at Café Ville Bella a one-Saturday-a-month tradition.

The following Saturday, I decided I needed some pictures to go with this review- so I brought the fam in for a second round. This time I had the California omelet, cooked perfectly and oozing with fresh Swiss cheese. The girls ordered pancakes bigger than their heads and French toast so thick and fluffy I wanted to sleep on it. All of it was fresh, perfectly warm and mouth-watering.

Ville Belle is one of my favorite places. I love the small, quaint interior, the friendly hometown service, and the eclectic variety of patrons. But for me, the food has sealed the deal. For a quiet morning chat with a friend, or Saturday out with the family, Ville Bella is sure to please. And for this writer- just one more reason Ogden is a great place to call home.


Cafe Ville Bella

3679 Harrison Blvd.

(801) 394-2812

Cindy is an Ogden native, aspiring author, freelance writer and mother of two girls. Her idea of a good time is lounging in the sun with a new book or exploring a trail with her quirky daughters. When she isn’t writing, mommying or making eyes at her husband of twenty years, you can find her capturing Ogden’s unique architecture from behind a camera lens, or sipping a dirty Chai at one of O-towns unique coffee shops.