Indie Ogden Review: Fast Kart Speedway


I’ve been a huge fan of Fast Kart Speedway since the first time I went after I moved here a few years ago. Back then, they were known as Speed Street and were located down in Layton. But times have changed, and the new Fast Kart located just west of I-15 off 24th St has kept the same excitement in a location that’s much closer to downtown Ogden.

Let’s go over the basics. Fast Kart is indoor go-cart racing, but these aren’t the typical go-carts you’ll see at Lagoon or Boondocks. They’ve got top speeds of over 20mph, and you’ll average at least 15 going around the course. Fast Kart takes it’s racing seriously, so you’re given a balaclava, helmet, and a healthy rule list to ensure safety for everyone who’s racing.

Your first time there, you are required to get a $5 racing license. While this may seem steep, it’s a one-time affair and it includes your own balaclava, use of helmets and racing suits, and a free grand prix race (valued at $19) during your birth month. Afterwards you’ll watch the safety video which explains the operation of the carts, safety rules, and what the flags mean before you are allowed to hit the track.

However, once you get that all out of the way you see how much fun Fast Kart really is. Even if you aren’t big into racing, it’s still a thrill to take these quick carts through the course. All the races include a short qualifier to help determine pole position, and after that you line up for the real race. The most popular event is likely the Grand Prix, which has a 5 lap qualifier and a 15 lap race. Lap times are generally 24-30 seconds each, so the whole race will take about 10-15 minutes.

Fast Kart offers a number of different race options, from the 20 lap Grand Prix to the 60 lap Ultimate Grand Prix or the 5 hour Drive Till You Drop. It can be pretty tiring, even after one event, so if it’s your first time I’d play it by ear and see how you feel. They do after a discount for doing more races, so it’s pretty easy to lose track of time and have a couple hours pass without realizing it. If you start getting real serious about it, they also offer regular leagues you can join.


Fast Kart is a great place to bring your friends, families, or the office out for a bit of team building. I’ve had their racing be part of my Clinelympics birthday celebration every year, and it’s never had an issue getting a group of 10-14 people in. You can even book out the whole track for your party if you want. I wouldn’t recommend taking young children along (again, because it’s not your typical go-cart), but older kids will definitely get a kick out of it. The prices can be a little steep, but it’s cheaper the more you race and cheap enough to go once a month. If you haven’t yet checked out Fast Kart Speedway, you are missing out on some serious fun.

Prices: $5 license fee, racing starts at $19 (see this page for the full list)

2840 Wadman Drive
Ogden, Utah 84401
(801) 547-9199

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