indie ogden review- holmes clothing

“What guy says ‘I can’t wait to go shopping for a suit?'”-Kirk Chugg.
 There’s something about a well fitting jacket and slacks that just make the man. But where to go for a fresh suit? A store in the mall? A box store? A department store where you can also buy a blender at 40% off? As tempting a blender is, but no. the best place in Ogden to get a fine quality suit at a great price with amazing customer service, look no further than Holmes Clothing on 23rd and Washington blvd.
Opened on Thanksgiving Day of 2010, Holmes Clothing is a branch off of the original store in Brigham City. Kirk Chug, 31, opened the tiny Ogden store with a handful of employees who have been with him from the very beginning, and each one more interesting than the last. Outside of work, Kirk rides motorcycles and is a family man, Tucker is a punk rock drummer on the weekends, Adam plays Magic and travels to Magic Competitions, and Kyle is a beekeeper and runs his own honey business. When the store opened, it was 800 square feet. With some blood sweat tears and hard work, the store has expanded to a whopping 3,500 square feet and added several fitting rooms. As soon as you walk in to the store, you are greeted by pictures of Her Majesty The Queen and a handshake with introduction by one of the employees and start one of the best shopping experiences you will ever have. “Mom and Pop couldn’t be more appropriate term,” says Kirk about his store, “we’re as small as it gets.” Kirk’s business model is a modern feel with old fashioned service; a rarity in our modern age. The shopping experience at Holmes Clothing is a personal as it gets, and they make sure it’s an experience that you can’t wait to have again.
Holmes Clothing caters to every type of gentleman, whether it’s for a mission, prom, wedding, funeral, business, etc., they make sure you get the best suit for the best price and the best quality. Whether it’s an of-the-rack suit to a custom made-to-measure suit tailored in 7 days, Holmes Clothing will make sure you’re dressed to impress. They don’t just sell, tailor, and make their own suits (yes, i was taken aback when Kirk said they make their own suits), they also sell shirts (which they also make), ties, bow ties, sport jackets, trousers, socks, shoes, back packs, first aide kits, shoe polish, hankerchiefs, cuff links, everything you need to make you look and feel like a million bucks. They make sure that every piece of clothing fits and complements you perfectly. Instead of simply asking what size shoe you wear, Kirk and his staff will actually measure your foot like a proper shoe cobbler to make sure that they get the most comfortable and best pair of shoe for you. Their suit jackets are treated with teflon, so it won’t spot if you get caught in the rain. Spandex is fused in the jackets to where the sleeves meet the body so the hem won’t rip or tear if you are,say, hunched over the handle bars of a bike. It doesn’t matter if you simply buy a jacket or spend $3,000 for your missionary, Kirk writes a hand written note for each person thanking them for their purchase and gives them his number so if they need anything they can call him directly with any questions. There have been patrons to the store come as far away as Texas to shop at Holmes Clothing, and the guys have been invited to several missionary farewells. That definitely speaks volume about how great of a place and experience this shop is.
Holmes Clothing also works with local businesses and helps promote other local businesses in the Weber County area. If you outfit your soon-t-be missionary, you get a coupon for a free tie and free sitting for pictures at Masterpiece Images next door. Rent a tux for prom, you get a discount on a corsage at Olive & dahlia on 25th street. Bring in a receipt from Just For Girls in Riverdale, free shoes. They want to succeed, and want to help other businesses succeed, but also want to stay the small intimate store they currently are. “We don’t want to get so big that you don’t know the person when you walk in.”
Holmes Clothing expects to stay downtown for a long time, with maintaining a presence downtown for years to come. There may be another branch off store in davis county, but that is in the future. Homes Clothing offers quality products at a good price with customer service that is second to none. So if you are going to prom, a mission, need new business attire, or just want to look fantastic and well kept, head down to Holmes Clothing. You will be far from disappointed. “It doesn’t matter what your competitors do, it’s what you do.”


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