Indie Ogden Review: Imagine Ballet Theater Presents The Nutcracker



"Nutcracker1892" by anonymous Russian 19th century photographer

“Nutcracker1892” by anonymous Russian 19th-century photographer

The Nutcracker is a family tradition that had been around over a hundred years when it first premiered at  Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg on Sunday, December 18, 1892. Ogden’s Imagine Ballet Theater brings this tradition to life at Peery’s Egyptian Theater accompanied by The New American Philharmonic Orchestra.

This year I thought it was about time that my 8-year-old daughter and I went to our first Nutcracker ballet together. We donned our favorite winter dresses and headed downtown to Peery’s Egyptian. The curtain was decorated with nutcracker lights and trickling lights that looked like snow. As we settled into our seats, the live orchestra began to play, and my daughter sat up straight to see the entire stage. As the curtain rose, I could hear her gasp as she looked on at the beautiful set.  There

Every scene in this production was designed with great detail from lights hanging from the rafters to intricate paintings and textures. Each scene transitioned beautifully as if you were watching a movie. Sherry  Ferrin and Bill Salerno created works of art that transported us into a wonderland.  Our favorite scene was, of course, the land of sweets with sparkling candies, cakes and piles of cookies. My daughter was delighted when snow drifted down from above in the winter wonderland.

The costumes were delightful as well, during each scene we picked out our favorite costumes and were in awe over the great detail in each. It is no surprise that it took an entire team to design and construct them all from intricate Victorian gowns to giant clown dresses on stilts.  The ballet does not allow photography so you will have to see it for yourself.

During intermission, we purchased a pink nutcracker ornament for the tree and wrote 2015 on the bottom. I can not wait to begin collecting nutcrackers every year, a tradition I hope we continue for many years to come. On the ride home, my daughter told me about her favorite scenes and before she fell asleep she told that  me she wants to be a ballerina. This is what Christmas time is about, creating memories for a lifetime.

The Nutcracker is a production that does not disappoint. There is excitement, color, humor and joy to keep even smaller children entertained. The entire production is only as long as a movie, just long enough to hold a child’s attention without getting bored.  The Nutcracker is not only for children, of course, anyone who loves theater will thoroughly enjoy Imagine Ballets take on this classic ballet.

Be sure to get your tickets for the 17,18 and 19th of December



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