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Kristin –Reviewing a watch is a little difficult… I mean, it’s a watch! You use it to tell time. That’s it… right? Wrong! The (Kno)Name Flektor also doubles as my pocket mirror, stalker checker, and one heck of a spy tool. This genius watch has a rubber band (more on that later) and at first glance simply looks like a mirror on your wrist. Touch one of the buttons on the side and BAM! The Flektor lights up with an LED screen showing you the time. The vain side of me loves the mirror. Right on my wrist for quick makeup or hair checks, no need to carry around a compact- and I’ll be the first to admit my purse doesn’t need one more thing in it.  I’ll also be the first to admit I haven’t worn a watch in years. In fact, I believe I was in high school the last time I donned one… maybe even MIDDLE SCHOOL. Why? Simple.. I HATE clunky metal things on my wrist. I can’t stand the noise of clanking it into things, or the feeling on my wrist. Now about that band, as I promised. This is a rubber band, with many notches (to fit all wrist sizes.. this watch fits me, my husband, even my son). The band doesn’t clank. It doesn’t clunk. It doesn’t scratch things I bump into. It doesn’t weigh me down… it just fits. The other really cool thing about the band? There are TONS of colors to choose from! I love bright colors so I went with the yellow, but there really is something for everyone. The top-selling colors are dark blue, black, and white, a bit on the safe side for me but they would go with just about any outfit! The watch is so sleek and comfortable that I could see people rocking it dressed up or down. My only Flektor complaint is that the box had no instructions so it took me a few minutes to figure out the settings, although if I’d taken the time to look at the website, they are right there for me! The Flektor comes in an awesome sturdy gift box, wrapped around a cute little pillow, all set to give as a gift- however if you want my advice… keep it for yourself, or better yet buy two!

Kristin and her yellow Flektor

Mikaela- I don’t usually wear watches, in fact I don’t even wear bracelets. I have what can only be described as puny bird wrists and bracelets usually fly off  and cause injuries to those around me.  I was very excited to get ahold of the Flektor after stalking their website and when I  pulled it out of its adorable package ( which is now a princess bed  thanks to a 4-year-old)  I instantly squealed with joy.  The material is a soft rubber,  is super light and with so many size settings I was able to get it on my dainty wrists and  fling my arms around like a Muppet without giving a single person a concussion. One of the things I love the most about the Flektor , being the OCD person that I am, is that the watch face itself is a mirror.  I have found that there are many uses for a mirror on your wrist besides checking yourself out.  Being an avid red lipstick wearer and lover of all things kale I often have to dash to the bathroom to make sure I do not resemble old Gregg. No more will I have to defend my mom bladder, I have a mirror on my wrist!  Another nifty use I have found for the mirror is the creep detector. We have all been there, minding our own business in the bar or some other creep hangout and you can just feel someone lurking behind you.  With the Flektor you can now easily and casually lift up you arm and see just who is behind you giving you ample time to make a mad dash to the nearest safe exit. I suppose this will also work for mother in-laws , ex’s and people with the crazy eye. As with Kristin I took a while to figure out how to use it since I was impatient and didn’t feel like looking on their site…I also had it on upside down which didn’t help. Once I got the hang of it and the time was on right  I was a time checking queen.  I still have to get used to having such power, my husband is constantly reminding me to check my own dang time.

Mikaela and her red Flektor

Jenny – I like flashy things. I like shiny things. I like brightly colored things that garner attention. This is why I drive a yellow Subaru WRX. This is why I dye my hair bright colors. I am pretty used to hearing “Hey, dude. Look at that awesome car.” from the truck next to me full of high school students, borrowing their dad’s F150, on the way to Salt Lake City. Since donning the Flektor from (kno)Name however? There is an additional comment being made. “Whoa, dude. Look at that watch. That chick is rad.” No joke. I love this thing. I use it to blind people with the sun (I’m not a very nice person…Ha!), check my makeup after a long giggle fest (they happen a lot) & of course, tell time. Unlike my cohorts here, it took me all of 15 seconds to figure out how to set the time (I like to push a lot of buttons. It’s my philosophy on life: Push buttons until something happens!) & I love that I can set it to military hours. Seriously, it’s my preferred method of telling time. (That way I can say “I will meet you at 1300 hours. Over & out!) The band is sturdy, my favorite color & really quite comfortable. The size of the watch face is just perfection, whether it’s being used for creeper watching or checking your teeth for that one piece of black pepper… Some of my closest friends are out & out jealous of my watch & will snatch up my hand at any given moment, just to play with it & watch the time appear in the mirror. (I think I know what somepeople are getting for the holidays.) This watch is affordable, stylish AND fun. The trifecta of awesome.

Jenny and her blue Flektor


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