Indie Ogden review: Kobe Teppanyak sushi & steakhouse

I love sushi. I love how a plate of small, rice-wrapped fish and veggies can be so filling and incredibly flavorful.  Another great thing about sushi in general is the price. You can get a meal in the $5-10 range and still feel like you spoiled yourself. I know I feel rather fancy.

I have found several sushi joints I love, but when I want to celebrate a big event, such as recently quitting my job of 5 years and taking a chance at doing something I love, Kobe Teppanyaki was one of my first choices.

Located in South Ogden, Kobe Teppanyaki is a Japanese steakhouse and sushi bar. Like all teppanyaki restaurants, they have grills set up with seats forming a U around the grill. A chef will come to the table with all of the ingredients to make your food off the teppanyaki menu.  It’s a great show, with eggs being thrown in the air and cracking on the side of a spatula, shrimp (or chicken if you don’t like shrimp) being tossed into customers mouths, and my favorite part, the onion volcano.

I know I mentioned sushi before, and that is what I usually get there. I like to sit at the teppanyaki table and watch the show, while I eat my volcano or spider roll.  Typically, my husband and I split three orders of rolls, so eventually we will have tried them all. I have not had a bad roll yet.

You can sit at the sushi bar too, but I enjoy watching the chef’s light food on fire.

Besides the food and the fun, I love the inside of the building. Recently, Kobe moved into a new building and completely redid their layout. It’s a lot more open then it was before. I prefer it much better now. Now, it is welcoming and immediately takes you on an adventure. When you are seated, you walk over a bridge with a Koi pond below you. Fog machines and colored lights add to the ambiance.

I think Kobe’s is a great place for a group get-together, a date night or a celebration. Even my friends who hate fish join us because they have non-fish options.

Due to its popularity, if you want to sit at a teppanyaki grill, I recommend making a reservation in advance. To look at Kobe’s menu and great website, go to

Kobe Teppanyaki is located in South Ogden at 6024 S. 1550 E. It’s near where U.S. 89 and Harrison Blvd. meet. Call 801-476-8889 to make a reservation (though you can always walk-in).


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