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Every winter, when the first big snow covers the ground, we dig out our little sled and bomb as many hills as we can find. Usually the sledding is pretty anticlimactic and after only an hour or so we head home, exhausted from hiking up hills. Even on a perfect day of sledding the little hills just aren’t enough and I thought that was as good as it gets, that is until someone told me about tubing at Snowbasin.

Tubing at snowbasin is so much fun and with a variety of skill levels and easy access to the top of the hill, the entire family can enjoy it.  When you walk up to the tubing hills you will come to a little yurt where you can buy tickets, sign your waivers and if you are like me, as a million questions.  The employees on staff were nice enough to walk us through the whole experience and make sure we were excited and prepared.

Getting up the hill is easy and a fun ride by itself, you grab a tube and an employee hooks you up and the machine tows you to the to while you lay back and enjoy the ride. Once at the top of the hill another employee un-hooks you and you walk over to one of 4 tubing hills. Each hill is a bit different, some have little hills along the way and some are straight shots down and you can even ask to be spun around  for a little extra fun.

My first ride down was  a bit nerve-wracking, I am a wuss when it comes to any thing even slightly extreme and despite my 6-year-old telling me I would be ok I was still a bit scared to go down. After some pep talks from employees and toddlers (who probably though I was the biggest chicken ever) I went down and I was exhilarating, that is until I went backwards and made this face.

My daughter and husband could not get enough of the hills and we ended up buying more rides when our 6 ride pass ran out. Even the baby, who could not ride the tubing hills, had a blast being towed around in a tube and playing in the snow. With picnic tables to sit at and the lodge nearby, the tubing hills are perfect for an all day adventure. So what are you waiting for? pack up the kiddos and head out this weekend for an awesome day of tubing at Snowbasin Resort!

The tubing hills are only open on the weekends and when we went on a Sunday there wasn’t a wait to ride. I recommend getting a day pass because it’s really hard to stop at just 6 rides.  Pack a picnic lunch to save money or try out one of the restaurants at the resort.

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*During the winter season, the tubing hill is open every Saturday and Sunday, as well as holidays from 10am to 4pm.

Tubing Hill Rates

One Ride Three Rides Six Rides Unlimited
Ticket Prices $ 5 $12 $21 $30

Group Rates

Groups of 15 or more – Single purchase 48 hours in advance.
6 Ride      $16 per person
All Day     $25 per person

Open to Private Group Tubing Monday through Friday (1 week advance booking required)
2 hours     $800
4 hours     $1,200

For private tubing parties or groups of 15 or more contact Meredith Fetters at or 801-620-1081.


**Sponsored post. This post was compensated in some way however all opinions are that of the author.


  1. My kids love this place! I’m a chicken and had to drag my hands to keep from going so fast. Especially later in the day, the hill gets icy and fast!

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    • hahaha me too, I put my foot down, When you go up that hill to slow down and your stomach drops, gah I can’t handle it. I only went twice because I am a wuss lol

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  2. This looks like so much fun! I love sledding and walking back up the hill is always such a pain – so this looks the best!

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    • Right? and being pulled up was fun too.

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  3. Oh wow! That looks like so much fun! My kids are all grown up, but we had fun sledding when they were young. Such a great activity. We actually had to walk up the hills though. A ride would have been great!

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