Indie Ogden Review: The Wine Cellar

The first time you go to the Wine Cellar, you might have to ask for directions. It’s downstairs, below another bar, in a building otherwise filled with law offices. That’s only the beginning of its coolness.

The Wine Cellar is dark with a stage between the dance floor and two pool tables. There’s a sitting area on the other end of the bar which usually houses a bachelorette party or the biweekly Drinking Liberally group.

The music is all jazz and blues. A guitarist will say, “I’m gonna play in C,” and the rest of the band will fall into place for an hour-long freestyle jazz session. One night you’ll see local blues icon Danny Weldon, and the next night it’s two saxophones with a bass violin.

Dell, a bartender, will get mad if she hears you say “the F word,” but there is something endearing about it. The service isn’t always great, but for some reason, that’s okay. Your expectations from years of cookie-cutter evenings out just melt away.

They’ve got drink specials, a lot of deep fried food (including okra and cat fish nuggets), a decent event calendar, and a whole lot of style. This place is definitely recommended if you’re tired of the bars you’ve been to lately.

–John Miles

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