Indie Ogden Review: Union Station and museums

Being a recent transplant to the Ogden area via the Northeast, I was quite charmed by the West and delighted by what I’ve discovered in this great little town. One of the first things that I noticed upon arriving here other than the spectacular Wasatch front mountain range was Union Station. I admit it is hard to miss being in the prime location of Wall Ave. and 25th Street, but I also do have a special place in my heart for train stations in general- even ones that are now primarily housing for museums.

My family and I relocated to this area from New York metro area so trains were a daily part of the commute for my husband and the sound of trains became the ambient soundtrack in our lives there. I was a little bummed to discover the station had been transformed into a museum and shop facility but at the same time charmed the station was still in tact and had the old locomotives on the tracks. Also I have a little boy- he’s 4 and he LOVES trains… so as far as he was concerned it was AWESOME!

What I liked: I love buildings and remarkable architectures so visually it’s a treat! The station as we see it today was built in 1924 after the original one was burnt down in a fire. The new design was a Spanish Colonial Revival style and I certainly got that vibe walking around out front. I especially loved the blue stained glass in the archways and the Spanish tile roof is spectacular!

The other point of interest that drew me in was the locomotives! I think I squealed when I saw the bright yellow symbol of the west resting proudly on its tracks. Union Pacific brought the passenger train to Union Station back in 1978 and it remains today as a site of wonder and amusement for locals and tourist a like.

What you’ll like: If you love museums than you need to check out the ones inside Union station! Utah State Railroad Museum that has interactive exhibits and fun factoids to get your train geek fill or delight the inner child that you’ve been ignoring far too long! John M Browning Firearm Museum for you firearm fanatics and 2nd Amendment enthusiast will certainly be intrigued to see the many models of rifles that were necessary staples for survival in early settlement days and even the modern designs used for hunting today. After browsing the Museums be sure to take a stroll through the unique Art collections of Gallery 51 and Myra Powell Gallery to round out your cultural experience of the day.

Overall Union Station has something that should interest any member of your family, and if yours is anything like mine you know, everyone is opinionated and likes something different, come out and rediscover it again- it’s a win- win! If that fails there’s always food nearby where you have a snack while the rest of your family explores. So what’s your excuse now?

-Whitney Couey Monaghan

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