Indie Ogden Review: Woodsongs Coffeehouse Sessions 10/10/14

10425501_752630168109475_2459500483500342779_n (1)Have you ever been around a group of people who are completely filled with a passion for music? Last Friday night was like that for me.

Reed Archuleta brought five different acts to Ogden that evening with a brand new local chapter of WoodSongs Coffeehouse Sessions. It was held at Hub801, a brand new, beautiful event space here in town. Aside from showcasing awesome musical acts, he also brought together several local vendors to show their wares. Our Children’s Earth, Outdoor Gangster, and  local photographer Casey Grimley were among the vendors there.


Event Vendors

It was great to see so many different types of people out together on a Friday night! I spoke with Reed during the event and he told me that one of his goals was to host a night of music where people from every background would feel comfortable. Mission accomplished! Every single age group was represented and everyone seemed to have a great time!

The first of five bands, Gypsy Thorns, got the night going with their two acoustic guitars and a really cool vibe. Shanin Blake played next. She’s a local lady and she told personal stories before each song which really added to the “coffeehouse” atmosphere. The third act was also local, Candid Coyote. He always has a great stage presence and tonight was no different.


Candid Coyote, Shanin Blake, Gypsy Thorns

At this point, I made sure to check out the “Member’s Lounge”. This room was killer! They really thought of everything. There was a nice selection of beers, two super comfy sofas, a long counter set up with yummy snacks, and even a pool table. While you couldn’t take drinks out of the lounge, they had a large TV with concert footage of various acts playing. The whole lounge had a feeling of a cozy bar which was really fun.


Members Lounge

Now back to the music! The Southern Sirens were three young ladies from Louisville Kentucky. They had an acoustic guitar, a fiddle, and even a cajon! They got the crowd up and dancing on a really lovely dance floor.

The Southern Sirens

The Southern Sirens

While I waited for the main act to set up, I wandered around the large room. The space is really well lit with overhead LEDs and even had warm up lighting along the walls. It all contributed to a nice organic feeling.

Once TAARKA took the stage, everyone came filing back into the room. I really love this band. The stand up bass was a definite highlight! The music really filled up the space perfectly and the energy from the band definitely got everyone excited. Despite not starting until after 10:30pm, there was quite a crowd dancing and enjoying the show.



I’m excited that Ogden has a space like Hub801. They had a very cheerful, helpful staff and it was obvious how excited they were to be a part of something so cool. There were industrial touches throughout, like the metal sliding doors and modern lighting that when combined, really brought a unique atmosphere to an event like WoodSongs. It’s easy to see that the venue has a ton of customizing options for anyone’s event.

I have to commend Reed Archuleta for managing to bring some acts to Ogden that people were genuinely stoked to see. Doing it within an existing framework like WoodSongs was a really smart way to do this. In my experience, passion attracts passion and that’s exactly what happened Friday night. A group of really passionate people came together and a great night listening to other passionate people share their music.

The hope is that there will be another WoodSongs Coffeehouse Session in late January. In order for things like this to keep happening in Ogden, we have to keep supporting them. Check them out on Facebook and look out for the next session so you can buy your tickets early! I can’t wait to see who plays at the next event!


About  the Author

Laura moved to Ogden from South Georgia a year and a half ago with her son and husband and has since fallen in love with the town.  She lives on Historic 25th Street and spends her time hiking and going to see concerts. Since moving to Ogden, she has learned to live in the snow, sang karaoke for the first (and last) time, tried fry sauce, and has even gone fossil hunting. In the future, she hopes to camp as much as possible and to collect a stamp from every national park with her family.

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