Indie Ogden Spotlight – Author R.E. Beebe

It isn’t as if Ogden needs another reason to be one of the coolest towns in the west. But remember about a decade ago when droves of people became hooked on a certain Vampire saga? Well folks, the vampire craze has officially made it to Utah, and our amazing little town plays a major role.

About a year ago, author R.E. Beebe was reading a Patricia Briggs vampire novel and became inspired with an idea for a story set in her hometown Willard and Ogden. One day, after her daughter convinced her to start keeping track of her ideas, she decided to follow that writerly urge. She opened a document, kept on typing and today she’s the proud author of Sylvio: The Preternatural.

The Preternatural Sylvio: The Preternatural follows Rachel, a 40-something horse-lover who has been diagnosed with Cancer.  The book takes Rachel through an extraordinary journey of survival and self-discovery, where she finds that not all preternatural beings are evil, but that the choices and actions we take are what truly defines who we are.

The new author has teamed up with Ogden micropublisher Get My Story Published to bring her story to print. Her book is available now on Amazon and the author will be signing copies Saturday, September 3rd from 10 a.m – 1 p.m. at Booked on 25th, Ogden’s newest bookstore on the very street that inspired some key scenes in the story.

Read our interview with R.E. Beebe, then pick up a copy and get ready to meet some vampires, witches and werewolves on the streets of Ogden!


Interview with Ruth Beebe – Author of Sylvio: The Preternatural

Tell us a little about yourself.  

As a kid I lived in Hunter, Utah which is now part of West Valley City, but it was rural back then. We were the last subdivision and beyond us were fields and farms. We moved to Clearfield after that. Then the last half of my high school year we moved to Willard, and I’ve never left! We have 14 acres with horses, ponies, goats, chickens and more.

I work at IRS as an analyst – we figure out how to get things to work more efficiently with less money, interpret the rules all of us taxpayers have to follow, and review others’ quality.

For fun I spend most of my time outdoors helping 4-H and Pony Club kids with their horses and other projects. I used to train horses for a living. Now I just goof off with them.


When did you first start writing?

I always have. I liked to write poems and short stories as a kid, and then when I first went to college I took a couple writing classes and even won an award for one of my biographical writing stories. Then I got busy with work, marriage, and kids and stopped for some time. I write and edit technical stuff for work, and create lesson plans, but hadn’t done recreational writing for some years until last fall, when I started writing Sylvio.


What kinds of books do you read?

I like all kinds, I’d say my favorites are fantasy and science fiction, but I also really enjoy mysteries and drama like those Clancy and Grisham write. I rarely read romance, but there are a handful of those I like too.

What inspired you to write The Preternatural?

My daughter Jennifer got me started on Patricia Briggs’ books and I really liked them. They got me thinking of vampires “keeping” people and how that would be a good theme. She said I should write it down, so I did!

Can you give us, in a few sentences, a basic idea of what your book is about?

Rachel is dying of cancer and her friend tells her their boss would be able to cure her. She’s been told there is no hope, but she figures she has nothing to lose, so she meets with him – and finds out he’s a vampire.

Rachel is an empath, and she thought that was her only odd ability until Sylvio awakens others in her. She finds out Sylvio cannot control her mind, it’s actually the reverse. The theme behind the book is that it is our actions that define us and show whether we are good or evil, even monsters like vampires.


Did anything in the Willard or Ogden area inspire your setting or your characters?

The book begins on 25th street. I love what the city has done in recent years, and wanted to feature it. I often walk that street on my breaks from work, and I’ve studied a little of the history there. I also used to give carriage rides in downtown Ogden along 25th and Washington.

Sylvio’s house is in Willard, and there is a log cabin (smaller than Sylvio’s) that gave me the idea to have his house there. Several of the animals mentioned in the books are pets I’ve had, or still have.


What was your favorite scene to write?

It’s all been so much fun, it’s hard to narrow it down. In the first book it’s a toss-up between when she watches Sylvio feed from the others the first time, and when she kills the vampires that had come to steal some of Sylvio’s ancient blood by feeding from his people.


Why do you think people love stories about Vampires?

They’re kind of dark, romantic, and mysterious at the same time aren’t they? They’re easy to be intrigued by and scary at the same time. Because they live so long, it’s a fun opportunity to explore how they would view the world we live in now – our customs, culture, and beliefs.


Do you think Ogden is a good place for a local author to release a new book?

Sure it is, there is an eclectic mix of people in the Ogden area, and a great many of them are avid readers.

As an author and a writer, what do you appreciate about the Ogden area, and what do you hope to see in the future?

I’ve worked in Ogden for 25 years. I’ve watched the city transform, especially the area around 25th street. It’s a nice place to go. I hope they continue to improve the city and make it a destination for travelers.

These days 25th street has a well-deserved reputation for intriguing shops and great restaurants. Where the mall used to be is now a collection of nice shops and restaurants. I hope to see more of that sort of thing to bring people in and create more interest in the city.


Can we expect more books from you in the future? Will we see the same characters?

Yes! I’m actually starting on the fifth book. The title of the second one is Sylvio – Past and Present. Part of it is Rachel’s adventures, and part of it is the start of Sylvio’s life. The second one will go to the editor about the same time that the first one goes to print. Happy dance!


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Cindy is an Ogden native, aspiring author, freelance writer and mother of two girls. Her idea of a good time is lounging in the sun with a new book or exploring a trail with her quirky daughters. When she isn’t writing, mommying or making eyes at her husband of twenty years, you can find her capturing Ogden’s unique architecture from behind a camera lens, or sipping a dirty Chai at one of O-towns unique coffee shops.