Indie Ogden Spotlight: Blown Magazine


Local teens have come together to  create an indie art magazine and I got to chat with the founder, Jack Stephen Williams, about how this project came together. Check out our interview and be sure to scope out Blown Magazine’s latest issue!

Mikaela Shafer– What inspired  you to start Blown Magazine?

Blown Magazine -I realized that I was surrounded by Creative people not putting their creativity to use. I have all these friends, and we would sit around and talk about how we wanted to create something awesome. At first we wanted to do a book,  but then we decide that we wanted to do something more frequently, and I came up with the Idea of a magazine.

Mikaela Shafer -Did you have any experience putting together a magazine before this or is this your first?

Blown Magazine– Not at all. I just dove in head first with this one. It was a baptism by fire.

Mikaela Shafer– How did you come up with the layout and design? The graphics are great!

Blown Magazine– I have a fantastic Graphic Designer named Ian Casey who helped me with it. He sees things in a different way, and has been an essential part of the process. He likes to play around with the layout every new issue to see what we can do better.

Mikaela Shafer- How did you all come together to create this magazine?

Blown Magazine– Well we all went to high school together (Weber Highschool) . We’re all so different from the other people at our school, that we became friends pretty fast. Even though there is a two year gap between me and my older staff members, we all have a mutual respect. Its pretty awesome.

Mikaela Shafer – Are you still in highschool?

Blown Magazine– I am, yes. Three of my staff members have graduated, for two it is their last year, and Me and Ian are going into our junior year

Mikaela Shafer – That is really impressive! I think your magazine is a great outlet and something that is much needed for people  in your age group.  There aren’t a lot of outlets for highschoolers.

Blown Magazine– Thanks! I would like to think so. That was my intention when I created it

Mikaela Shafer- So, for those who have not  read your magazine yet,  what is your magazine about and what can people expect to find inside?

Blown Magazine- My magazine is about art, poetry, music, movies, and local culture. People can expect to find all of that inside. We are all about creativity

Mikaela Shafer– What is your process for putting the magazine together? Do you work on it together and come up with a theme or do people submit their material and you put it together?

Blown Magazine– The process is pretty hectic. I give everyone a deadline to give in their projects, whatever they want featured. Sometimes I assign a specific assignment, or accompany the photographers on their hunt for photo opportunities. Usually we have a couple of projects in late. Then Ian works his magic and creates a cover with an eye catching design. Either me alone, or me and him will then sit down and put together everything in order (which usually means staying up most of the night) , then we upload it, and post it on our Facebook page

Mikaela Shafer- Sounds pretty normal for a magazine, lots of chaos and then somehow it all comes together.

Blown Magazine -Yeah that’s pretty much it haha. Frustration and lost sleep are always necessary.

Mikaela Shafer- Can anyone get involved with Blown Magazine?

Blown Magazine– Anyone who reaches out to us and  has the time to make an effort. We are actually working on getting some new staff members right now.

Mikaela Shafer– What is required of staff members?

Blown Magazine– Staff members have to be fun, enthusiastic, creative, and willing to help in any way they can.

Mikaela Shafer -Any goals for the future of Blown Mag?

Blown Magazine– We continue to expand and add new sections of Blown every issue. We would all like to make Blown into an actual job for us and source of Income. And also, a way to start printing the magazine would be amazing

Mikaela Shafer– Is there anything the community can do to help?

Blown Magazine- Any support from the community is always motivation for me.Knowing people are reading is extremely important. Other than that, any local businesses that want to advertise in our magazine would help greatly.

Mikaela Shafer- So, aside from the magazine what do you enjoy about Ogden? Favorite hang outs, shops, hikes?

Blown Magazine- Lucky Slice, Grounds for Coffee, Graywhale Record Store, and MOJOS are places you will frequently see me and my staff. I love this Town and all the awesome indie culture in it.

Mikaela Shafer– I think Ogden gets a bad rap and not a lot of people realize how big the arts culture is here.

Blown Magazine- I would have to agree. I moved here 6 years ago, and I didn’t know anything about this town. I had no Idea how cool it is here.

Mikaela Shafer– Favorite local bands and artists?

Blown Magazine– Favorite local bands: Racoon Dog, Faraday le Soleil, and Holy Water Buffalo. Favorite Local artist: London Musgrave

Mikaela Shafer– Anything else you’d like to add?

Blown Magazine– Yeah, I would just like to add a thank you to my friends, family, the staff of blown, all of our readers, and you, for supporting us. Thank you!

Mikaela is a transplant from Portland, fell in love with Ogden her first day in town and created Indie Ogden the next week. She enjoys outdoor adventures with her 2 kiddos and making a mess crafting. You can find her at a local cafe or cycling around town with her family.