Indie Ogden Spotlight: Booked on 25th

13178750_1568988360065947_5194940479331829891_nThere’s a new bookstore coming to Ogden’s Historic 25th Street (NOW OPEN). Marcy Taylor Rizzi has been gathering books, researching bookshops and connecting with local authors to prepare for  the opening of her shop, Booked on 25th.  Read our Q&A to get to know her and her shop a bit more and be sure to follow Booked on 25th on Facebook to stay updated on the opening date and events.

Hey, Marcy! Not all of our readers know how rad you are, care to tell them about yourself?

I am a lifelong Ogden resident, and very proud of that fact! I worked in Corrections for close to 15 years. I was a Sergeant and a SWAT team negotiator by the time I left that career. I felt it was time to move on, do something different with my life, so I enrolled at the U of U, majoring in English and Gender Studies. In December of 2015 I ran out of funding so, with only 4 courses left to graduate, I had to decide what to do with my life.

I know a lot of us locals mourn the loss of so many local shops and are very excited to have one in town again, what inspired you to be the one to open up a shop?

Aren’t bookstores one of the most important and vital things about a community? I know personally that I visit every Indie bookstore I can while traveling. Of course, I enjoy the books and always buy one when visiting, but it is the people you meet at bookstores that appeals to me. You can get a true sense of place by visiting a bookstore. Ogden is a truly magnificent place with a thriving arts scene. There are so many authors, poets, and readers that I felt it was time to have a place where they could gather and share their work.

I think a huge reason so many book shops were going out of business were because of their selection. I am so excited to see what you will have in store especially after seeing your posts about your quest for amazing books.  Care to share some of your favorites with our readers and some of the types of books you will have?

I think asking a bibliophile what their favorite book/genre is the most difficult question to answer. I have a very eclectic taste in books and literature, I truly love a little bit of everything. I am drawn to classic Gothic literature with “The Monk” by Matthew Lewis being one of my favorites. I also enjoy authors Oscar Wilde, Kurt Vonnegut, Bertrand Russell, Sherman Alexie, Philip K. Dick, Steig Larrson, Ernest Cline, Terry Tempest Williams, Ellen Meloy, Edward Abbey … No really I could go on.

The type of books I would like to carry is greatly dependent on the Ogden Community. I would like to have something for everyone, though I know that isn’t possible. My first purchase of new books covers a wide range of topics, from Fiction to Memoir, History to YA lit. I will also carry some children’s books. I will have an entire bookcase dedicated to local authors and books on the local region.

Tell me about your vision for the shop, in your mind how will it look and feel and what kind of experience are you hoping to create?

The shop will be warm and inviting, a small space that welcomes everyone and their ideas. I envision a thriving events calendar that will include author signings and readings, poetry readings, an active book club calendar and workshops. Much like me, it will be an eclectic collection of books and gifts. I want this bookstore to reignite the radical act of reading, writing, and participating in the local community.

If locals what to get involved in helping you bring this shop to life, how can they go about doing that?

Share, share, and participate. Reach out to local authors you know and see if they would like to be featured in the store as well as do some book signings. And, as my son says, “Everyone says they love a bookstore, but will they spend money in the bookstore?” He has a point, the only way to keep an indie bookstore open is to participate and buy local. I also understand the desire to save money so we will be offering ways to combat online retailers. The bookstore will offer free same day delivery (in the Ogden area) for books ordered online or by phone (this won’t happen until sometime in September.)

Mikaela is a transplant from Portland, fell in love with Ogden her first day in town and created Indie Ogden the next week. She enjoys outdoor adventures with her 2 kiddos and making a mess crafting. You can find her at a local cafe or cycling around town with her family.