Indie Ogden Spotlight: Lady Wild Film Fest

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And She’s Dope Too is a local company that wants to get women into the outdoors. Their most recent project is the Wild Lady Film Fest featuring incredible films that showcase women and adventure. We chatted with ASDT about what movie goers can expect and what inspired this festival. Check out the event page HERE  and snag your tix HERE.
Sundance Film Festival has dropped Ogden as a location, was this film fest a response to that?
At first, the idea of our one-day film festival was something that we decided to put on to fund our current film project “Endure Nepal,” that is set to be shot in the spring of 2017. However, as this idea set in, we quickly decided to make this an event for all of Ogden and Northern Utah to celebrate annually. Only after we decided to make it an annual event did we look at dates that this would work every year. Already knowing that Sundance had pulled out of Ogden, we then decided that we would hold the event on the last weekend of January. And yes, this decision was because Ogden was left out of Sundance, which we were very sad to see.
And She’s Dope Too is all about inspiring women to get into the outdoors, will this film festival be a visual part of that mission?
 Yes, the visuals of this film festival will be INCREDIBLE! One of the films, “National Parks Adventure” was filmed using the IMAX technology & platform and is now playing in IMAX locations worldwide. This film was also Narrated by Academy Award Winner, Robert Redford. (Sundance’s Creator)
Who are the filmmakers and what are the films featured in the festival?
Films being shown at this year’s Inaugural Lady Wild Film Fest:
-National Parks Adventure: 45 min – A trio of adventurers’ quest to experience America’s wildest, most historic and most naturally beautiful places becomes the ultimate off-trail adventure in MacGillivray Freeman Films’ (MFF) National Parks Adventure, narrated by Academy Award® winner Robert Redford. The film is produced in association with Brand USA and presented globally by Expedia, Inc., and Subaru of America, Inc., with major support from the Giant Dome Theater Consortium. The immersive IMAX® platform takes audiences soaring up exposed rock faces, hurtling down steep mountain cliffs and exploring other-worldly realms found within America’s most legendary outdoor places. Along the way, the film becomes at once an action-packed celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the U.S. National Park Service and a soulful reflection on what wilderness means to us all.
-Mira: 42 min – A film by Lloyd Belcher. ‘Mira’ follows the journey of a spirited Nepali village girl on her pursuit to being a world-recognized mountain runner. Growing up in a remote mountain village in Nepal, Mira always dreamed of being successful in the sport despite all the challenges that she & other Nepali girls face. After running away from home, Mira joined the Maoist army until as a young adult; she traveled the long distance to Kathmandu to try her luck. Out of money, she was about to return home to her village, when by chance on a morning run, she meets another runner who tells her about a long running race in the local hills. She wins it and soon begins to realize her tough mountain village upbringing has prepared her perfectly for this sport.
This inspirational story, filmed across Nepal, Hong Kong, Australia, Spain, Italy & France tells the story of Mira’s journey in the face of adversity to compete against the world’s best mountain runners.
-Born Wild: Raising a Wild Child: 16 min – In Born Wild: Raising a Wild Child millennial parents turned social-media influencers use the very technologies that threaten to separate them from nature to connect with it—and each other—instead. This family-centric outdoor adventure film shares the stories of parents who are raising their kids on outdoor adventure and using social media to build a community doing the same.
The film’s stars, Brooke Froelich, Morgan Brechler, and Shannon Robertson, have gained unprecedented press for their kid-in-tow adventures in backpacking, night kayaking, rock climbing, and backcountry skiing, from People magazine, to Grind TV, to ABC News.
Raising a Wild Child was made possible by the generous support of 1000+ Kickstarter backers and their sponsors.
-Being Here: 5 min – Sometimes it takes a trip to a wild place to remember just how brave, connected, vulnerable and free we can be. Where is your wild place?
Writer and director: Hilary Oliver | Juniper Media
Director of photography: Becca Skinner
Editor: Whitney Oliver
Additional footage: Hilary Oliver
Sound mix: Amy Stolzenbach
Music: White Lies | Odesza
-Wild women of the Wasatch: 5-10 min – What does it mean to be a Wild Woman of the Wasatch? Any lady who finds happiness through outdoor sports in the Wasatch mountains. The gals who replace “What if?” with “Hell yeah!” Produced: Amy David, Filmed by Shane Hillyard.
-The Mysteries: 8 min – Krystle Wright is not only an adventure photographer, but she’s also a shaper of the outdoor industry. Her photos are iconic and the things dreams are made of. One of Wright’s own dreams was the inspiration for The Mysteries, a film from her and director Skip Armstrong. Watch as they explore the pursuit of making a BASE jumping scene she dreamed about into an actual photograph.
What kinds of adventures are featured in the films? Any favorite scenes or moments you’d like to share?
The adventures found in these films are all outdoor. Honestly, We are attached and connected to almost all of these films. The National Parks Adventure film features one of our actual Ambassadors and Co-owners, Rachel Pohl. Wild Women of the Wasatch was in part created by Ambassador Amy David. And the film Mira had so much to do with our objectives regarding our actual film, “Endure Nepal” set to be shot by in the spring of 2017.
Tell us a bit about what festival goers can expect; I heard that besides the films themselves there would be some swag and an auction?
Besides all the amazing films, we will also be having a silent auction, raffle, and giveaway. We will have Food for purchase and Drinks as well, including 75 slices of Pizza from Lucky Slice available for the first 75 raffle ticket buyers. We will have some Art and setups from our visionaries and sponsors.
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