Indie Ogden Spotlight with Blendtec!

REACH THE TOPAs a health food junkie, having a good blender is a must.  I thought mine  current one was fine, I mean it has 3 blades and makes a ton of noise so I figured it was getting the job done. Boy was I wrong.

Smoothies are a huge part of my diet and my old blender seemed to mix it to perfection, there were chunks and floaties but it was drinkable. If I put a beet in my old blender it definitely would not blend  but blenders can’t juice veggies, right? Imagine how blown my mind was when I put a beet, 4 carrots and an apple in my new Blendtec and I kid you not, it liquefied! How is that even possible??


The Blendtec, if you didn’t know, is a Utah based company that is taking the smoothie world by storm. You may have seen their ‘Will it blend’ video series where they blend anything and everything, it’s like Steve Brule meets Mythbusters and it’s absolutely hilarious. My personal favorite is the episode where they blend a Mine Craft toy and a Frozen doll, oh so gratifying for parents.


I have juiced hard veggies, made ice cream, whipped whip cream to perfection and made a half-dozen perfectly creamy soups. I am in love!  Of all the fancy settings, my favorite feature is the self cleaning mode. Just one click of a button and the blender is squeaky clean, no more cutting my hands while scrubbing my blender.  Another fabulous feature on my 725 series blender is the rewards system. Blend rewards tells me how many times I have used my blender, tells me I am doing awesome ( yes, my blender compliments me!) and gives me points to redeem online for recipes, and discounts.

I sent Blendtec a few questions so you can get to know this rad company a bit better, check it out!

What is the story behind Blendtec? 
Here’s the story of how Blendtec was founded and how we came to where we are now: Our Founder, Tom Dickson, who is also the star of the Will It Blend series on Youtube started it all and is still heavily involved. In fact, we just announced some very cool, innovative products this past week that he was behind, including a new smart mixer and a Bluetooth-enabled blender that pairs with a scale and our new app!

What’s it like to work at Blendtec in Orem, Utah?
Blendtec is a great place to work! We’re growing like crazy right now, which makes for a busy, fast-paced, and sometimes stressful environment, but the biggest thing is working with awesome people. Blendtec has been blessed with truly awesome people, which is really what makes and breaks a business. We have very talented, hard working, and fun people in the office, which makes it a lot easier to get up and go to work in the morning! We manufacture all of our blenders right here in Orem, Utah, so from engineering to production, sales and marketing, and the whole 9 yards, we’re all one big happy family!

How is blendtec different than other blenders? 
The best resource here is probably our page at: These are the things that really set Blendtec apart from the competition.

What is the craziest thing you have seen blended in a Blendtec?
Our most recent Will it Blend video features Neodymium Magnets  ( The iPhone 5C ( was also a fun one that I got to see!

What are your top 3 favorite things to blend in a Blendtec?
-Ice cream is awesome in the blender! It may not be the healthiest, but it’s always tasty.
-Green smoothies are always a safe bet and our blenders do an amazing job with them!
-SOUP! It’s great how fast you can make a hot, great tasting soup in our blenders. No stove or heating needed. The friction of the blades alone will heat soup to almost hot enough to burn your mouth if you’re not careful!

We have an awesome resource for Blendtec recipes on our website at We have a full time dietitian at Blendtec who creates excellent recipes for our blenders.

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Mikaela is a transplant from Portland, fell in love with Ogden her first day in town and created Indie Ogden the next week. She enjoys outdoor adventures with her 2 kiddos and making a mess crafting. You can find her at a local cafe or cycling around town with her family.