Indie Ogden Spotlight: Mel’s Thrift Store

We discovered Mel’s Thrift Shop one day as we drove past the quaint little building on 1900 West. The bright yellow exterior was very inviting and piqued our curiosity, and we were pleasantly surprised at some of the goodies we discovered inside! We were greeted by a beautiful, petite woman with a brilliant smile and a very cheery personality to boot! She introduced herself as Melissa and stated that we can just call her “Mel” as she identified herself as the proud owner of her establishment.Over time, Mel’s Shop has been included in our thrifting loop. Fortunately, Mel has agreed to an interview with Indie Ogden so we can spread the word about her place! Here is what she had to say:

Q: What is Mel’s Thrift Shop?
A: Mel’s Thrift Shop is a Boutique style thrift shop. We recently started accepting local crafters and consignors just this year!

Q: As owner of the shop, what made you decide to go into business?
A: I wanted to go into business because I wanted to be part of the community and bring more awareness to the recycling concept. At Mel’s, we graciously accept donations in the form of reusable, household items. What we don’t sell in the shop is donated to other local organizations.

Q: When did you begin business in the Ogden Area?
A: I began business in the Ogden area almost 2 years ago.

Q: Why the rural location for your shop?
A: The rural location chose me. When I got remarried in November of 2011 we had to blend 2 households and many things were donated to DI. It was quite a distance for me to take many donations. I found a half way mark when I decided to open my shop. Messerly Concrete was kind enough to let me rent space and give my entrepreneurial idea a chance!

Q: What kind of goals do you have for Mel’s Thrift?
A: My goals are to help the community see that they play a vital role in the recycling concept. Their still usable items don’t have to hit a dead end, unwanted items can still go though many hands before they have to accumulate into a landfill. I would eventually like to open up a larger shop and employ locals to work at the shop.

Q: What does Mel’s Thrift bring to the community?
A: Mel’s brings another recycling opportunity, we throw very little away. Most of the things we can’t house in our small shop, in turn, are donated out to other local charities.

Q: Is there anything specific about Mel’s Thrift shop that you want to public to know?
A: We want the public to know that we’re here! We’re small; but, we’ll try to help you find what you’re looking for and be part of the recycling efforts. We might look small from the curb, but our customers are pleasantly surprised when they enter our shop!

Thank you, Mel, we couldn’t agree more! Mel’s Thrift Shop is located at 1678 South 1900 West in West Haven, just South of Haunted Hollow. Business hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10am-5pm. Stop in and take a gander, it’s well worth the trip!

About the author:

Daisy Darling is a freelancer who has lived in the Ogden area since the late ‘80s. She resides with her two cats and her hobbies include thrift store shopping, gardening, reading, art, and photography

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