Indie Ogden Spotlight: Ogden Made

Raise your hand if you saw that photo of Damian Lillard recently rocking an Ogden Made t-shirt. Cool, right? And raise your hand if, when you laid eyes on that shirt, you super duper wanted one for yourself. I did! Guess what guys, Ogden Made is way more than an awesome t-shirt. Ogden Made is one of O Town’s up-and-coming local businesses started up by four local dudes, Josh Stuart, Jon Greiner, Travis Hurst, and Clint Perkins. These guys got inspired by “the city of Ogden, the activities that surround us, the possibilities, the history.” But, they say, “most important we LOVE the people of Ogden.”

With these as their muse, the guys bring legitimately high quality bags and accessories to the outdoor experience. And what’s totally special about these bags is that each and every one is handmade and personally signed by its maker! Josh says, “This is our favorite part about Ogden Made. There is a sense of pride that we are able to have skilled craftsmen here in our community that have these skills. We have a small team that will sit down and take a bag and create it from start to finish. We don’t use any overseas production or production line. All our bags are hand crafted by one artisan. To me, that is awesome.” It really is! In a day when it seems like everything is mass produced, and retailers are selling a million overpriced products apiece, it’s so refreshing knowing that Ogden Made focuses on a few really quality items. It’s outdoor bag couture! Each of Ogden Made’s products is individually made with a lot of care and attention to detail, and they’re made here by an Ogdenite and with local materials, which means they’re truly Ogden Made. This cool company puts their money where their mouth is about loving the people of Ogden, too. They make it a priority to be involved in the community and their aim is to give “in the highest capacity [they] can.” They recently gave haircuts to the homeless. And Team Ogden Made had a band of runners at the Ogden Marathon who ran behind a local young man who couldn’t run the race himself. They continue to look for opportunities to “build a strong relationship with the community.” With quality business and care for the community in their quiver, Ogden Made makes for the exact kind of business we want to boast and support here in our town.

So, where is Ogden Made headed? The guys’ first priority is to provide their supporters with top quality bags. “We want our products to be dependable and great adventure pieces for all of those who it interests.” Further, they have set their sights on Ogden Made becoming synonymous with adventure from here to each coast, and beyond. Josh says, “The products that we make and sell hopefully will portray Ogden. We want those on the east and west coasts and all those in between to see that we have a craft we want to share. Ogden Made means adventure to me. Not only do I use these products for my personal adventure but I use them in the workplace as well. This means that I have products that I can take anywhere that show who I am in a bag.”

But I won’t lie, when I first saw Ogden Made I assumed that sporting the brand meant you had to have been conceived, born, and brought up here. And for me that was sad, being conceived in Pennsylvania, born in Jersey, and brought up in Chicago. Now that I’m so totally Ogden, I really want to wear that shirt! Good thing I assumed wrong. I asked the guys at Ogden Made, “What do you say to someone who wants to rock an Ogden Made tee who maybe isn’t actually from Ogden?” They told me, “Ogden Made represents a culture that drives adventure and individuality.” There’s just nothing exclusive about that. And so, much to my relief as a transplant Ogdenite, you don’t have to be from here to be, at least in part, made here. We learned that, too, from our buddy Damian. So I will be happily rocking a medium tee in heather orange, thank you very much!

Products are available at and at WSU Downtown. We’d love to offer a 10% discount for all our Indie Ogden Readers. Use Code INDIE10.

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